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Rasmussen: A Ron Paul Third-Party Run Would Help Romney

Interesting... So Ron Paul being the GOP nominee would put him at what 60% over Obama?


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If Romney were out of the

If Romney were out of the race all GOP would flock to him. If Ron Paul were out of the race, all the Obama supporters would go back to Obama and Romney would tank. The GOP needs to realize this.

Huge News folks

The meme, that Paul's candidacy is giving the race to Obama and the Dems is discredited. Republicans get 57% of the vote in this poll. Paul is actually now pulling votes from Obama. Major news.

There is no reason at all for Paul to get out of the race now. Onward.

Liberal media will blackout

Expect a complete Paul blackout from MSNBC and all other liberal media starting immediately. Maddow will not do another vignette about Paul.