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Rasmussen: Ron Paul Presidential Bid Would Hurt Obama

Texas Congressman Ron Paul appears more interested in influencing the direction of the Republican Party than in running as an independent presidential candidate. But perhaps Democrats should be careful what they wish for: Even if Mitt Romney’s remaining GOP challenger should run as a third party candidate, new Rasmussen Reports surveying finds Romney the winner of a three-way race.


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That's nothing to brag about imo...

This poll could be a strong

This poll could be a strong tool in the overall narrative. It shows Ron Paul as a spoiler not for Romney, but as a spoiler for Obama -essentially kicking Obama's "legs" (the youth vote) out from under him. Could make for a great narrative, trumpeting to the neo-con crowd to keep Paul in the news and in the game to topple the mighty Obama.



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Run, Ron Run

Run, Ron Run