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2012 Congressional District Census Document

Yesterday, I received an official "2012 Congressional District Census Document" from the RNC. The letter reads, "My participation is greatly needed and appreciated". I have been selected to represent voters in my California congressional district! It is signed by RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus.

Has anybody else received a census document like this from the RNC?

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Congressional District Census is a Joke!

I live in Minnesota and received one. I started to fill it out and then I thought STOP! This is madness. Why:

1. They ask the most obvious questions. It's a no brainer. We expect you to uphold your Oath of Office to the Constitution to support and defend and then all would be right in America. People have been letting them know for years what they want.

2. Some questions gave you three columns and you check off which one best fits you. The columns were labeled "Democrat, Republican or No Opinion." Some of these did not fit my answer. I wanted to leave a comment and no area for that.

3. Then the one that really took the cake was on the last page when they ask that you consider a $15.00 donation for processing your opinion. WHAT? We have been telling them for years what we want and NOW I am supposed to give them money to tell them AGAIN!

Where do these people come from? Did anyone tell Newt that we already have visitors from Mars! Maybe we should take a closer look at a few more birth certificates.

4. I was going to enclose a letter with the census pointing out the questions and the choices of answers they gave you was in their favor. This was a waste of time and money. I do regret throwing away the self-addressed, prepaid envelope. I should have stuffed it with paper just so they had to pay for the postage.

5. I then proceeded to plug in the shredder and watched with great delight what I thought of your census just like what you think of us!
I would rather waste my time by calling Bachmann's office and telling them to tell her to vote no on all the recent outrageous freedom robbing bills that she has voted for. Oh, let's not forget her endorsement of Romney after he paid off her $1,000,000 campaign debt. It's time to retire her. I am waiting to see if the MN Constitution Party or Libertarian Party will have a candidate to run against her. If not, I might as well vote for the democrat that's running against her. What's the diff?

It's amazing how these people think.

1. They want you to donate;
2. ignore the opinions of their constituents;
3. send out a census wanting to know your opinion because they CARE; and
4. then ask for money to process it.


I have to go now and find my earplugs. I hear my husband yelling at the cable news media AGAIN.

Just-a-girl is up to you but that's how I handled mine.

I think I will send mine back with a Ron Paul flyer

Everyone, thank you for your replies. When I first received it, I thought it had to do with becoming a delegate. I wrote to the Ron Paul campaign expressing to them that I would like to be more involved and asking how I might become a Ron Paul delegate in California. Then yesterday I received this official document and thought that was was being chosen to participate in the delegate process. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

I think I will send mine back with a Ron Paul flyer!!! Bahahaahhahahahahaa!!!

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tossed it.

The questions are framed in a way that leads your answers the way they want them.

So this 2012 Congressional

So this '2012 Congressional District Census Document' has nothing to do with becoming a delegate in my Congressional District? Is it simply an attempt at RNC fund raising?


I got one of those things a while back and the way the questions were set up were entirely misleading to what I really wanted to answer. So I actually took the time to write what I had to say about the matters and of course Ron Paul's name was all over the place. Then I returned it to them. Shortly after, I received a phone call and you could bet the farm that they were not pleased with me when it was said and done. I haven't heard a peep since.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government