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Americans Elect: Ron Paul Rising, But Still Needs More Sign-ups

Ron Paul now has support from over 9,000 AE delegates and needs
1,000 more to meet the first requirement to be in AE’s online primary this month. A lot is riding on that primary and the AE online convention in June. They may be the only chance for Dr. Paul to be on the ballot in all 50 states in November.

The second requirement for drafting him for the AE competition is tougher: 1,000 delegates from each of 10 states. He doesn’t have that yet from any state--although California is nearly there. The other nine states with the highest Paul totals are: Florida, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

Calling all Paul supporters from these states! And from all other states, too! You can help push your state into the top ten--and then over the 1,000 mark. (If you’re a Republican delegate, you shouldn’t sign up yourself, but you can urge others to do so.)

Dr. Paul still leads all other potential AE candidates, although former
Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer is rising faster that he was before. It now
seems that there may be only one primary vote--on May 22nd. If Ron
Paul folks kick into high gear, we should be able to qualify him for that vote. We have from now through Monday, May 14, to do it.

If you haven’t signed up already, you can do it this way:

1) Go to www.americanselect.org.

2) Select “Sign Up” and follow the steps there. You’ll need a password and must provide info they need to verify that you’re a registered voter in your state.

3) Be sure to click your support for Ron Paul in the appropriate place.

4) Write down your password and keep it handy so you’ll have it to vote in the online primary and convention.

5) Ask for their e-mail updates so you will be alerted when it’s time to vote.

Once you have signed up, you can urge family, friends, and other
contacts to do the same. If you know folks in the key 10 states, please make a special effort to urge them to sign up with AE as Paul supporters.

People who are, or plan to be, Paul delegates to coming Republican
conventions shouldn’t sign up. If any are asked whether they are AE
delegates, they have to be able to answer truthfully that they’re not. They can still, though, urge others to be AE delegates for Paul.

If you’re not a Republican delegate, and you want an insurance policy
so that Dr. Paul can be on the ballot in all 50 states, please sign up today with Americans Elect.

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Something fishy

My spidey senses are telling me something is not right here.

Why would people work so hard to stop a person from voting for Ron Paul on Americans Elect?

Why would they go so far as to call supporters 'trolls', to accuse ron paul supporters of being 'plants', to accuse Americans Elect of all kinds of evil intent, of being an organization dedicated to the sole purpose of hurting Ron Paul?

Now its my turn to plant a conspiracy theory in reply:

Is is because with Americans Elect Ron Paul might actually get on the national ballot? Maybe some people don't want that to happen.

Terence W.


Please go to your Secretary of State web page, and type in Americans Elect in the search engine. This will give you the FACTS about AE in YOUR State.

In my State, CA, AE IS A PARTY.
AE is not participarting in the Primary Election
Will have their convention June 15TH.

Ron Paul is being DRAFTED by people who JOIN to SUBMIT.

This is a stealth operation that has the potential to hurt our efforts in the GOP, which Ron Paul asked us to join, asked us to be delegates, and thanks us for inviting him to our rEVOLution.

Don't let AE fool you... they have every intention of not being nice to the GOP, which those who followed Ron Paul are.

I'm with Mary

All this does is give Dr. Paul the OPTION to accept. It is up to Dr. Paul. I hope he does accept, since this would be a direct shot to the national ticket. Some argue for Americans Elect and some against, but RON PAUL WILL DECIDE, IF we give him the opportunity.

Terence W.