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Mitt Romney needs to prove it!

Mitt Romney needs to prove to the Republican party that he should be the candidate to face Obama, and the best way to do that is to win a debate.

It was pretty obvious to everyone that in all of the Republican debates it could never be said that Mitt Romney had won. He always slithered by relatively unscathed, but not a single win. He never made waves, and he still hasn't.

He has no choice now but to challenge Ron Paul to a debate! He must prove to the Republican party that he can beat Obama by first beating Paul. Without that proof, he will not achieve the support to win in November. Yet, we all know that it will never happen because Mitt Romney knows he would lose the debate to Ron Paul.

That is why I am calling for Ron Paul to challenge Mitt Romney to a debate, to prove to the GOP once and for all, who the nominee of the Republican party is going to be.

Let's go Ron Paul!

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Romney Campaign Bragging ...

Romney campaign bragging that they will win 100 out of the 107 delegates today.


Is there a link?

Those are hard numbers (did they prematurely confirm this?). Is there a link?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Associated Press - Can not find the campaign saying

Romney is 288 delegates shy of officially clinching the Republican nomination, according to an Associated Press count. There are 107 delegates at stake Tuesday, and Romney could win about 100 if he does well.



I agree, but I don't think . . .

the decision is with Dr. Paul and his "camp". I think it's with Romney, who doesn't debate well and knows it, as do his aides.

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