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Activism anyone can do. Google Adwords for Video

I saw this video on another thread and thought it was extremely good, so I started an adwords campaign and limited it to Texas and California since they are far enough away that it might have some impact.. at least a little impact. If done by enough people, Texas and California could be flooded with video spots on google.


so far it has only cost me $12 and I've gotten 89 views out of 7000 impressions.. That might not seem like a lot but trust me is fairly decent when all things are considered. Depending on how you set it up and how much money you're willing to allocate daily, you could do a great deal more.

I made sure I linked it back to the guys youtube channel that it was originally linked to and added messages like.. "Winning Delegates", "We aren't going anywhere", "DailyPaul.com", "Texas Independent 4 Paul" so on and so on.

Try it, you might like it, Mikey.

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