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Convention battle plan. The takeover.

Hi everyone,

I was with my ron paul group yesterday discussing the events of this last weekend in the different conventions since I am a delegate to the Texas State convention. One of the things I realized and i brought up with the group is that no matter what, liberty has won. The ron paul supporters have won. I know that nobody knows who will end up triumphantly be declared the winner at the national convention. No one knows the true numbers. ONly guesses. But guess what? I know that ron paul supporters will outnumber the establishment delegates. With that, there are so many possibilities just like in nevada and maine. The national delegates can choose a ron paul supporter for national chairman, can choose a national everything. None of the delegates are bound to choose a specific vice president. If romney wants rubio, the delegates can vote him down and choose a liberty minded vice president. Just remember ronald reagan in 1980. He fought against a bitter opponent, george bush. In the end, the establishment delegates chose for him george bush. This time though, ron paul supporters can choose a vice president to their liking. Someone that will be able to represent conservatives against Joe biden in the vice president debate.
Anothe thing i realized was that the national delegates can influence the platform. They can finally put things such as End the fed, return all the troops from across the sea. Change the tax code to a flat tax of 10% or 15% like dr. paul has said. The delegates can do that. I will do my part and elect a national delegate that represents the ron paul supporters. I think we should be happy.
Great change is happening. And i feel it's thanks to Dr. paul. I dont' know what will happen like i said. Even though he won nevada, those delegates are still binded by the states to vote for romney 20 delegates whether anyone likes it or not. From what i heard, when you pledge to vote for a specific candidate, you have to keep your pledge and your word. Ron paul has kept his pledge and his word by playing by the rules for 40 years. Like i said everything is in the bag. What we don't know is what is going to happen when the delegates nominate the Republican nominee.
Please write what you think of what i wrote here.

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This is the battle plan


corporate tax

oh, he said 15% for the corporate tax and 10% flat tax.


Ignore this comment.

in one of the debates

he said he would prefer a 15% percent. In this link he says 10%. But yes, he wants to get rid of the 16th amendment. But you know what, he won't be able to do it that easily especially with the liberals fighting you all the way.

keep in mind...

..there are operatives on this site.

i'm not accusing the above poster as such, but buyer beware!

Ah hem.....

Ron Paul NEVER said he wanted a "flat tax" EVER!
Where did you dig that up from?
Ron wants ZERO income tax!
Please edit your post!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

I think this is wonderful

I think this is wonderful however NO Ron Paul delegate should vote for Romney on the first ballot!

That would be a slap in the face to all of us that have given so much!

PLEASE I beg of all delegates. ABSTAIN

This is a republic for gods sake!

Do NOT vote against your principles for NO reason.

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

We just MUST have a consistent, an correct understanding

of this abstention thing, as well as the unbinding possibility. NV delegates had to promise not to abstain or even try to. I'm not sure they could, anyway, but their reading of the rules was that they can't. And they won't. I don't really think we'll need to, anyway.

As for the OP, I am very excited about the prospect of a liberty minded convention chair in Tampa. We will likely have a good one ready to run in Fort Worth, if the party offering stinks. All we need is one who is fair and by the book. Anything less gets replaced. If we have a fairly run convention in Tampa, Ron has a great chance. See you in Fort Worth.

I dont' think that will happen.

They are bound by the rules. Maybe they can vote present and not be counted. Which is why i said, who knows what will happen for the nominee. Other than that, the ron paul supporters have won.

No one is "bound"...

AND there are no "rules". If you think that there are "rules" then you are sadly mistaken. Just remember, abstinence really does work!!!!!!!!!!!