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Can We Stop Posting Every Corporate Media Mention of Ron Paul?

I understand that when Ron Paul gets face time in the Corporate media it is encouraging in a way. He and our ideas have been ignored and laughed at and it is great that they are forced to mention him to the rest of the viewing public.

However, every time he is mentioned it is in a negative light, blatantly or subliminally. I may not speak for everyone, but seeing Dr. Paul mentioned on CNN does not excite me or encourage me to go out there and spread the word. The thoughtful forum posts here and the amazing grassroots videos are all the inspiration I need.

Why patronize these corrupt organizations or bring attention to their programming? I say, WHO CARES what CNN or FOX News or any of their minions think? We have gotten this far without the help of the media and I have witnessed their blatant bias and misinformation for too long. Nothing they say or do will sway me and they do not deserve my time of day!

That is only my opinion, but if you agree please join me in boycotting the Corporate media altogether, including on this site. The Daily Paul does not need their garbage aired here, we have much more stimulating, thought-provoking and truthful reporting everyday! Besides, we all know the rEVOLution will not be televised anyway!

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