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Note to the Establishment: It's too late...you lose!

To the Establishment...Sorry...but, you've lost.

What's pathetic is...we told you this would happen. We told you our strategy & you just laughed it off as if it wouldn't happen. You FOOLS...we don't call this The rEVOLution for nothing! Now that you've finally noticed our movement it's too late. The movement has already spread too far. The pieces are already in place. You CAN NOT STOP US.

Our delegate strategy has worked in every single state and it will continue to do so all the way to Tampa. Mitt Romney will never have the delegates needed to win the nomination. At the Republican National Convention WE WILL nominate Ron Paul to represent the Republican Party in 2012.

Now that you realize you've been defeated, you are now claiming we are "hijacking" the party...but in actuality, we are simply "reclaiming" OUR party. You evil bastards are the ones who "hijacked" this party a LONG time ago with your Neo-Con policies! Your removal has been long overdue! WE are restoring the core Republican principles to the Republican party. The very principles you despise...but yet, have the nerve to call yourself "Republican" and "conservative". The rEVOLution represents TRUE Republicanism...real conservatism (both home & abroad), limited government, civil liberties...the very principles that you have systematically removed from our party.

The Republican National Convention in Tampa will be the rebirth of the Republican party. We are now officially the Party of Paul. Deal with it.

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Bump for us all!!!!



...I 3VOL this post!!!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

When exactly did these neocons wrest control from us?

Great post, gizzy.

I was talking about this very concept the other day to some friends and then I realized that I don't have the foggiest clue at what point in history the GOP stopped being the conservative, libertarian party.

Judging by Presidential nominees alone, it might be Goldwater or Nader that was the last to attempt a bit of liberty, but since they didn't win it's hard to say if they are any different from Reagan, who ran on liberty concepts but practiced none.

So to my knowledge, after Reagan, no more Liberty was even CONSIDERED among republicans... But at what point was the last time the GOP had a liberty-minded president in practice?


The Gang of Four...

...Wolfawitz, Pearle, Rumsfeld and Cheney started hijacking our party in the late 60s. They used the Republican platform to promote world hegemony. And it accelerated as they seized the opportunity in the vacuum created by the fall of the Soviet Union during the REagan administration. You can lay the blame at their door.

There are few ppl I actually hate, but these four are on my short list because they squandred the opportunity for world peace to promote a world of empire, war and profits on the blood and tears of innocents.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

"You evil bastards..."

This phrase alone just made my day. I could literally hear the passion and anger and truth in your voice as I read it.

This Life Long Republican Concurs !!!

Life long being 32 years voting republican.

Awesome thread, after reading

Awesome thread, after reading it two words came to mind "F*** YEAH"!

Beep beep boop beep... I am a Paulbot... prepare for liberty and prosperity!

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...UP on this and the cool vid below. Good talent is always appreciated...and acknowledged.


All I can hear in my head

All I can hear in my head right now is Lil Jon hollering "YEEAAHH"!


I picture

one of my favorite, yet random shots from Braveheart, when they are taunting the English Army at Falkirk they show a close up of a Scotsman screaming "YOU BASTARDS!!" at the top of his lungs.

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...the awesome words that come out for all to see. Makes water come to the eyes to see and hear so many speaking their Truth filled words to power.

Give thanks to everyone that is contributing. Choosing to wake up. Choosing to get active for this is the last go around folks. If we lose this election, we will lose America. Plain and simple and it IS this serious. Banksters now rolling the dice behind the curtains. The faithful stand strong.

Wrote this on another thread, blame the well ground coffee in the morning as the Canadian Geese dance outside the bathroom window. (One pair had three babies :)

So, here, ponder this please.

Well written...

...words you use so well. Huge bless!

Arcane...good word defined and yes...the good news is...more and more of us feel that what is arcane and esoteric should be known by all as the Light of God was given for all of humanity, not just a few to gain power with.

The Adept say: The Secret is, there are no secrets. Follow your Heart, for it Knows.

What we all have in common is we love our country, we love our people, we love our freedom, and we love our liberties. At this time in amazing history, there is still time to save it all and fix all the broken world things like the radiation fallout from fukushima that is being purposely let go for a slow kill off of the human race, and an end to all these profiteers wars that do no normal people in the world any good at all.

Do you think the Creator is not angry about all that? Or understand this, why are we getting so much spiritual help in exposing the corruptions and evil of this GOP and election system all together? Our all Seeing and Knowing God (no, not the eye thing) is on Ron Paul's side. Believe that or not, it is true. If you share a REAL intimate connection with your Higher Power, just ask within the heart communicator and see. It Knows. It is your truth detector.

What is aligned against the entire world is the wicked awful corruption of those who create the political sides and countries, then pit them against each other in WARS so after it is all over, they can capture and collate more and more power and control of the world. The long over time plan using the god-money has done well to create divisions and chaos among God's people. Wasn't there some historical figure that spoke to and acted out towards these same money changers?

And are we a House divided? By who, and who profits from the division of peoples and countries? Remember, we are all created equal to be one family, a Family of Man/Woman. No less, and no more. Equal. Over the course of history, this Knowledge has been lost and we have allowed ourselves to build spiritual fences between each other, as well as the physical ones.

Have you ever noticed that people are afraid to look at each other in a store or in many places you go? And that some will actually make extra efforts to NOT look at each other? Walk through your grocery store and watch to see how many folks greet your eyes (passages to the soul we are) with a smile and acknowledgement, and how many will not want to see you, or make an effort to not see you walk by.

Be observant of this and know it is a generational fear conditioning from the evil mis-informing MSM and Television Programing of humanity for so many years. Counter that fear by sharing smiling eyes more for truly, all humans inwardly want to be acknowledged. A hardy pat on the back physically for a young child while saying, I support you, I reinforce you, and I acknowledge you are doing a great job is the best spiritual food you can give freely.


It is also known as sharing your unconditional love and comes in many forms...spiritually...and physically. Find the balance. (=)

Each human being is born equal to all others at first. What we become is what our environment raises us to be. Are you a weed, or a Rose? How about if we all get together as world-wide human beings and decide that wicked evil, corruption, lies, murder for profit, and world domination is not what we all want, and that freedom, truth, and liberty for all is the ONLY answer. We still have some time left to become One House...indivisible...and United for ALL!

Bottom line. EVERYONE KNOWS, what is right and wrong. The Law of Cycles includes the Law of Cause and Effect that mandates what goes around, comes around. Everything is Karmic in Nature. Or more conventionally explained, for every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action.

Follow your Heart.

CHOOSE Your Path wisely.

(Dittoed because of vital truth enclosed.)


Your right Truthbearer

All of a sudden when I finally saw the truth so many things fell into place for me, and deep in my heart I felt it was right. Its funny how when you start really questioning things and research and educate yourself and begin seeing how wrong things are and want to change it for the better, there comes a point to where things(and I mean everything) start to rapidly fall into place and suddenly a light will come on, almost like your given a truth filter.

I honestly think its God testing you a bit to see how much you want the truth, and when your hearts in the right place, and he sees you reaching out, he will literally pour in knowledge. There is something about seeking out knowledge that God likes and then blesses you. People need to care enough and put in some effort and think things through. This is the problem and if those people dont really want to come out of their comfort zone, there is no way of getting through.

I am so sad and upset about this Fukushima radiation. They either care only about money and not about the life they are going to be killing, or they are doing it intentionally. I think its both. The governments of the US, Canada, and Japan are all in on it, probably Israel too. I dont know all the countries involved, but I know out of pure greed the situation is not ending. There is free energy devices they have and are supressing, no need for nuclear. Nuclear power plants are needed for the nuclear products used in many munitions. It's these endless wars of aggression. They have destroyed the middle east by spreading DU everywhere. So many children sick and born with deformities, the vast under ground water aquifers ruined. I'm so sick of all this!


for sharing smiling eyes because we are awake and we know!

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This makes it time to make another

donation to the RP Campaign

This is how the [Establishment's] world ends


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Isn't it funny.....

How the "party" can usurp, ignore and bend it's so called rules to gain an advantage for THEIR annointed one but when someone like Dr. Paul comes along and beats them at their game, by their rules it's "hijacking"?

I would rather let these idiots burn to the ground and build a party from "scratch" than to have to weed out the establishment pukes in trying to rebuild the "Republicans" from the ashes.

Is it worth saving?

Give us clear vision, that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.
~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947

Voting is not hijacking.

Voting is not hijacking.

What do you hope to

What do you hope to accomplish with a post like this? On the VERY likely chance that Romney is the nominee (which even Ron Paul agrees) then this comment has taken away every shred of credibility that you may have had.


it serves to pull 5-minute trolls like you out of the woodwork.

Looks like it worked.


One does not simply Trololol into the DailyPaul.



...and a note to avid RP supporters...

...as a reminder...I wrote...

"It'll be interesting to watch HOW the RNC will shoo our candidate aside; it'll be interesting to watch the RNC apparatus react all week long at convention as Ron Paul delegates stick to their guns about changing this country through is vehicle that we have "infiltrated"(for a lack of a better term.)

I know many intend to support Ron Paul outdoors in Tampa; which will only be understood as a "protest" by ALL who see us there - so let's be careful NOT to make an Alex Jones film while you're there. We are NOT anarchists, NATO protesters, G8 protesters, or Occupy people ... there is NO NEED to re-create the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago and be beat down with billy-clubs, or, made an example of as "peace demonstrators".

It is up the the DELEGATES to get Ron Paul elected; and surely they alone can canvass, and try to persuade other delegates there who profess conservatism and support for Constitutionally limited government; but yet are blinded by the pomp and circumstance, and bread and circus that the wholly corrupt two-party/Federal Reserve controlled system can BUY ...

This is about SAVING OUR REPUBLIC from certain disaster; and although our motives are PURE, our arguments are RIGHT, and our facts about cronyism and corruption are legit, documented, and provable - we need to save the souls of men from themselves and their selfish desires; and make them concerned about our POSTERITY.

Be WISE, delegates; and be even wiser and more circumspect supporters who want to make a presence in Tampa although you have no voting power, or, even a chance in hell of converting those who have sold their souls to the Matrix.

Yes, I am advising would be "trouble-makers" to stay away from the convention(this is not Woodstock - we can have a party AFTER Ron Paul becomes the nominee). Do not tarnish our reputation through "activism" there outside the building - for we know the MSM will come to the comfort and aid of ALL establishment GOP loyalists, and brand us as lunatics and rabble-rousers who cannot render a reason, once their cannon-fodder sent to perpetuate our nation's destruction from within encounter resistance!

May God be with us from here on out."


I've been waiting to see.Everybody adopt this guys attitude and we'll get it done.

Some see things as they are and say why,but i dream things that never were and say why not. Robert F. Kennedy

Actually, this is the

Actually, this is the attitude that has killed Ron Paul from Day 1. Living in an alternate fantasy reality does not accomplish ANYTHING in the real world.

can you be anymore obvious?

Hey troll.

Isnt there an episode of Two

Isnt there an episode of Two and a Half Men on? Better hurry, Troll...

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

it WILL be done!

it WILL be done!

I Hear you

You Go Gizzy.. Everybody from here on out should adopt the same attitude to counter the MSM, RNC onslaught of we can't win. WE CAN WIN! Let the world know everybody. We have them on the run ...


Ron Paul wins 2012. Get ready for it. :)


yes and yes!