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Can We Vote To Unbound Delegates?

I don't pretend to understand how this process works, but in each state can we NOT vote to UNBOUND that state's delegates at the convention?

This would free them to vote for whom they wish on the first ballot, eliminating the 1144 number and opening this thing up.

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What are our chances since WI

What are our chances since WI votes on a slate of delegates as opposed to individually?

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Delegates Are UNBOUND!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch the recent Ben Swann Reality Check. He expertly explains that all delegates bound or unbound can vote for the candidate of their choosing. Meaning that Romney actually has far less delegates than what the MSM actually reports and that Ron Paul actually has far more delegates then what the MSM actually tells us.

Bound, Un-bound it does not matter at all...

If the delegates are loyal, (and they are), and they understand beyond the shadow of a doubt why they are there and what's at stake then it goes like this...

1 round...abstain
2 round... vote for the Champion of the Constitution

game over!

With 2/3rds + 1, there's just

With 2/3rds + 1, there's just about nothing that can't be done. With 50% + 1, we can probably deny Romney the nod, with anything less, there's probably not much we can do except cause a little ruckus!

Answers vary. But even the

Answers vary. But even the most optimistic answers say that in many states, the answer is no. And that evne if the states that could DID, it would still not bring Romney to under 1144 unless Ron Paul gets his ass moving and starts winning on Tuesdays.

Unbinding or not, Romney is going to have 1144 LOYAL delegates in Tampa if he sweeps the remaining primaries and takes most of the 700+ delegates that are left. And really it is just about 1024 since the superdelegates absolutely WILL go to Romney. Even the ones that were previous for Santourm or Gingrich.

If this site went back to 2008 posts, you would see that this is NOT a new suggestion. It was tried in 2008. And it didn't exactly turn out so well.


Don't think so. It remains to be seen if Romney has loyal delegates or not. But I would bet he doesn't have anywhere near 1,144.
So the answer to your question is that in most states it requires 2/3 majority to unbind the delegates. I believe that Paul would have had that in Nevada if that stupid secretary hadn't cheated and let a bunch of people in after the convention started. I hope in the future the Paul camp will keep a better eye on the doors. The good news is that the Romney camp keeps pulling the same trash over and over :)


wishful thinking!!

but we'll see, better call your lawyers and start negotiating some payoffs to some judges....but in the end...it's the people who run this nation.

:) You will see.