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MTV vote commercial shows Paul in Final 3!

MTV is airing this commercial spot encouraging young people to get out and vote on November 6th, and they show Ron Paul in the final 3!

There are some subliminal messages you might notice from the fast-flashing keywords (ex: The Power of "lobbyists"). I am glad this video is being shown to the youth of our nation, confirming that Ron Paul is still in it and not going anywhere come November!


Would a mod embed, pretty please? Thank you!!

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God MTV sucks...

...why couldn't they just stick to Closet Classics, Headbanger's Ball, and 120 minutes? This ad just gave me a seizure akin to watching Japanamation. I feel like my subconscious was just mind raped with all the subliminal flashes of catch words like "green" "future" "movement" etc...

Disclaimer: I'm well aware and fully accept that science does not back up the notion of "subliminal messaging."

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I wouldn't

be so quick to dismiss it based on "science" not backing it up. Have you ever heard of the 25th frame effect?

They have been doing this in movie theaters since at least WWII. Supposedly it has been banned in other countries, but I totally believe they've honed this science to a fine edge.

The flashes, color choices, and swirls all put you in a certain cognitive state. Ever watch a child, watching TV with their jaw hanging open? Sometime if you have the TV on, watch what the reflection on the back wall looks like. (I know that sounds strange) Supposedly TV operates in the same frequency range the brain operates.
Here is some info on subliminal studies.

I'm not saying....

...subliminal messages haven't been tried, I'm just saying they don't work...you know, like acupuncture (proven placebo effect)......

If actual scientific evidence has changed on the subject since I was in school 20 years ago, I'm more than happy to eat crow...

I just hope

I just hope this isnt some kinda of Vote for Obama Trap. MTV is owned by Viacom, so i wouldn't get too excited over fair coverage on Dr. Paul.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Understood, but...

Comedy Central is also Viacom, and they have given Dr. Paul more positive coverage than say CBS or ABC. As I mentioned in another comment, in 2008 MTV had Ron Paul in their debate whereas FOX News wouldn't even let him into theirs.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than what is worth to show Ron Paul's image with the two other "top-tier" candidates on a mainstream cable channel during a new episode of one of their top-rated shows? Compared to the kind of absent or negative coverage given by CNN, NBC, CBS, etc., I consider this to be very positive. And it could be one of two things by MTV:

1. Noble. Yes, they put him last, but they gave him that nod, and that's what matters. That could be the very thing that inspires some young people to finally look into Dr. Paul, and of course as we know, once you "wake up," you don't unlearn it.

2. Cowardly. The very fact that Ron Paul is embraced by the youth of America may be why they did it, as they weren't ready to invite that kind of volume of complaint if they didn't show him.

EITHER WAY, it's a victory, and small victories are just fine with me...I've been celebrating every one since '07 when I learned about Dr. Paul, and look how it's compounded into the movement we have today!

It's kinda sad when "OMG they

It's kinda sad when "OMG they actually acknowledged that Paul exists!" is worthy of a topic on this site, but it really is. That's how blatant and pathetic the media coverage of Ron Paul is. Having seen it since 2007, it's just amazing. I will never look at politics and news the same way again. That's for sure. All it took was watching one GOP debate from 2007. Before then, I had never really paid much attention to politics.

More honesty from the network

More honesty from the network of Beavis and Bunghole than from Faux News, CNN,etc.


And in 2008, MTV had Ron Paul in their debate, whereas Fox News wouldn't even let him into theirs.

I posted about this a little

I posted about this a little while back. The WWF used to run "Smackdown the vote" campaign encouraging people to vote. At the time I never understood why, but it makes a little more sense now. Encouraging the uninformed, and the unwilling-to-be-informed to vote makes it that much easier for the media to herd the elections whichever way they are pushing. No one who hasn't researched the choices carefully should be voting, period.

This MTV ad is still curious though, with Ron Paul in it.

What's even more curious is

What's even more curious is Romney had the word "power" across his image still which I somewhat feel wouldn't appeal to the younger voters interest if only having seen an image of someone with one word associated with it. Ron Paul had November 6th across his. Subliminal message indicates Ron Paul November 6th. Vote Ron Paul on November 6th. Wishful thinking?


Considering the source that's

Considering the source that's doubtful. Maybe one of us, or several of us, have some degree of power there, though.

We's be eerrrwherrr!

Great find

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TV is TV does

I hope this doesn't mean people making uninformed decisions are going to vote.. Oh wait, people have the internet.. PROBLEM: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/04/11/presidential-race...

I just pretended I was a n00b going to look up choices on google, and this is what comes up

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Not Research

FoxNews website does not count when doing research hahhaha...reading the comments on the article does a much better job.

MTV Knows what's up

MTV can see the corruption taking place. They can only do so much though considering they're owned by Viacom.

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