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Ron Paul: “A true revolution has to be ideological”

The mainstream media continues to ask ‘what is Ron Paul doing?’ As I noted yesterday, reporters understand how to cover a horserace but have no clue how to cover a movement.

Ron Paul represents something markedly different from both the Democrat and Republican establishments. Our problems did not begin with Barack Obama and they won’t be solved if the Republicans go back to George W. Bush. Saving America necessarily requires an ideological revolution in our overall politics, not simply restaffing the White House with more of the same. During his speech in Austin, Texas Saturday, Dr. Paul explained what’s really at stake right now in American politics:

“A true revolution has to be ideological. Revolutions can be violent, they can overthrow a government with nothing really improved. An ideologically positive revolution is what is necessary, and that’s what we have going in this country. We may lose a battle here or there. But ultimately we are going to win the war because we are winning the hearts and minds of the American people.”


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