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Rand Paul: Ron Paul Will Not Win...Not Sure What He Will Do In Terms Of Endorsing Romney

What's going on? Is Rand Paul being sarcastic in this interview or did he just admit that Ron Paul is unlikely to win?


I can't see how this interview is good for Ron Paul. "I don't know if Ron Paul will endorse Romney" Doesn't sound good.

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Rand Paul Interview

I watched it again and believe that your comments are pedantic. The theme of what he said clearly is biased to his father not winning.

The impression is very negative. He discusses for example whether his father will endorse Romney. Come on give me a break. That's ridiculous and defeatism. He should have turned the table and said "we are hoping that Romney will endorse Ron Paul" or something to that effect.

Well, if you don't see negativity in that piece than okay. I guess my perception is off. Keep in mind however that when you are so heavily involved with something you desire your perception can be biased to see what you want to see.

I do hope that Ron Paul wins and I have been watching his movement with great interest. From my perspective that interview hurts Ron Paul's credibility as a presidential candidate. Am I wrong?

PS. I noticed that some people are scoring my posting down. I posted this so that people can discuss it and address it, and not to hurt people's feelings. Are postings to be serious topics of conversation and information or are postings to be to make people feel good inside?

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exactly - confirmation bias.

exactly - confirmation bias. sometimes i think Paul people do get blinded by their own devotion to realistically gauge our relations with the non-Paul world or perceptions toward him. this was a subtle betrayal by his own son, who admittedly is no Ron Paul and has shown he is more than willing to play ball with the powers that be - if only as a slight improvement to others in the G.O.P.

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You are correct

He did say that inexplicably. The only saving grace would be a third party run. I was much more optimistic in my article today.


It seems to me that when people are thinking about their own futures rather than the Revolution, they might say and do all sorts of things.

To me, and this is just my impression, Rand Paul comes across as too wonkish/pedantic and not inspirational. The revolution is on and there may be no tomorrow to aspire to. Fight and win now, whatever it takes.

he didnt say that he wouldnt

he didnt say that he wouldnt win


he said "won't" win.