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RT Reports Ron Paul Winning 11 States! This Race Is Much Closer Than People Think! (Video)

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RT listens to American MSM

You can tell by the questioning that RT has been listening to their competition...MSM,,,if you can call it that.
Why is it so important for Dr. Paul to endorse Mittens when they are in a race against each other, this just does not make good sense.
When you are running a race you don't just quit and give up, and say the heck with this, and let the other guy wins. What kind of asinine questioning is this?
Right out of the mouth of American MSM.
Hey RT, I thought you guys were Russian, NOT AMERIKAN TV.
You guys should be asking questions like "What is the American establishment going to do when Dr. Paul wins the nomination, and is elected President"?

When is Mittens going to drop out and endorse Dr. Paul?
This party is just getting started, Where's my popcorn?

I have come to the

Conclusion that they do this so people who are not paying too much attention will spread vicious rumors about Ron Paul

Question to Paul when are you going to drop out becomes> DR Paul dropped out

Question when are you going to endorse Romney becomes > Dr Paul has endorsed Romney

Question: are you going to run 3rd party becomes> Dr Paul isn't running republican he is 3rd party

This is crazy but this is what people think thanks to Stupid Rumors

Romney for VEEP

he's perfect!


no way

Dr. Paul is too smart to ever allow

such an unprincipled and dangerous thing to happen.

Reason's to vote for Obama

If Ron Paul does not get the Nomination here are 2 Reasons to vote for Obama.

1) 4 years of Obama or 8 possible years of Romney
2) Republicans will get complacent if Romney get's the nomination, we have a better chance of growing our Revolution if Obama is in office.

We are strong but we are not many, and writing him in and voting for him is noble but it will not help us with our end game.

"If you think we can't change the world, it just means you're not one of those that will"

Jacque Fresco

You are forgetting the "Lame Duck" concept

If Obama gets another 4 years it will be worse than his worst 4 years.

No F***in Way

how could you vote for someone who has done more to destroy our bill of rights then anyone? Including Bush!

Dr. Paul's supporters would not be voting FOR Obama,

they would be voting AGAINST Romney.

By making it clear that if Romney wins the nomination Paul's supporters will make sure that Romney will lose, Republicans will understand that Dr. Paul is the only candidate that can defeat Obama; ANY DELEGATE THAT VOTES FOR ROMNEY IS REALLY VOTING FOR OBAMA!

Not that there's any real difference between Romney and Obama, but we know Obama is "the wolf" and if Republicans take both houses of congress then Obama will have the choice of either being a lame duck for four years or doing a "180" as Clinton did in his second term. As a "wolf in sheep's clothing", Romney, like Bush before him, is far more dangerous to our hopes for liberty, peace and prosperity than Obama.

If Dr. Paul loses, we need not to vote FOR the lesser of two evils, but AGAINST the greater of two evils; putting it this way makes it clear that we have not only the moral right but the moral obligation to vote for Obama over Romney if we should be faced with that unfortunate choice - a right that's base on our fundamental right to self defense with the additional virtue of making it clear to Republican delegates that Dr. Paul is the only realistic hope for Republican victory; that they need to be realistic and vote for Dr. Paul - even if they prefer Romney - or they will be wasting their vote on an unelectable candidate.

People who vote this comment and the one I'm replying to down are only serving to make it clear to the delegates that Romney has Dr. Paul's supporters either safely in his hip pocket or at least they won't do anything meaningful to oppose his neoconservative candidacy and can be ignored.

Thank You

I'm glad I'm not alone on my thinking, and did you notice that in a round about way, someone "Hijacked" my post and it made it to the front page. "The "Anyone but Obama" Mentality and Why It Is Destroying our Political Process!"

People are discussing the very thing I posted here... lol...

"If you think we can't change the world, it just means you're not one of those that will"

Jacque Fresco

No Way

There is no way we should vote for Obama at all. He wants to increase spending while having his administration ship guns into Mexico and drugs back here and he signed the NDAA remember or the fact through executive order changed the National Preparedness Act from the president taking over the economy during war to taking it over in peace time too. That means everyone will be a slave for the president.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our Liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

Romney would have signed the NDAA

Makes me believe he would do the same things as Obama.

"If you think we can't change the world, it just means you're not one of those that will"

Jacque Fresco

This Video Doesn't Work....

Have you guys had trouble as well?

Known fact

You want to know the truth about Americ? Ask the Russians. want to know the truth about Russia? Ask the Americans. Depends on what you ask. I don't view Putin as a bad guy anymore since I heard about how he kicked all the zionist criminals out of Russia because they were stealing from the people. Also our country is pretty awful and messed up so I see no real right to criticize anyone elses. Like the proverb goes, telling someone about a spec in their eye when you have a log in yours.


RT is not owned by the Russian government, they are privately owned, one of the few left there.

This is a thrill

a minute! Maybe Dr. Paul has something up his sleeve that the media doesn't quite grasp.... Not supporting Romney might be a hint...

However, RT isn't the most reaching of news orgs

We can't stop spreading liberty. It's in our DNA and no one can snuff it out!

What is wrong with his left eye?

Is that a cut or a bump under his eye?

Holy Smokes!

You mean the MSM has been hiding the truth from us. Holy sh*t, I had no idea!!!

Thx for sharing. You just have to laugh :)

Not surprising.

They know election fraud when they see it :-)

RT is largely free of US corporation's influence so you could trust the channel to be reporting more independently on US' issues than domestic mainstream media. That is their selling point in the US, after all.

Their coverage of Russia's events and news, however, could only be seen as one side of the story.

Call me crazy but

I'm not going to jump to any conclusions about a Russian state news source, no matter how deferential they may seem to American politics and the Ron Paul campaign.

It is still, at the end of the day, a product of the state of Russia.


that people in many countries around the world say the same about American media! And those of us here... well, we KNOW we can't rely on our msm.

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

are they reporting on

are they reporting on anything you know to be false concerning the election?

Shelley is a political analyst?

I'm thinking not quite. A die hard RP supporter. WE NEED MORE SHELLEY!!!

reedr3v's picture

It's good to see Shelley again. she was such

a positive presence during the 2008 campaign. And I'd say she and most RP supporters are far better political analysts than the empty heads spouting lies and nonsense in the MSM.

Nice and fanciful...even hopeful, but unsound!

Washington has certainly not been won by Paul, and it will take a miracle for them to win any delegates for him!

Are the rest of the states on this list handled so shabbily?

He hasn't won these states YET

I think the Examiner had an article yesterday regarding the two states (Maine and Nevada)that have actually held their state conventions. Those other states had all held their Congressional District Conventions, and Paul has won a plurality or majority in them.

Now it is ASSUMED that Paul win will most if not all of those National Delegates once the State Conventions occur.

In any case it is good news.

Calling All Brothers And Sisters From All Over The World.

Please Keep Praying For RON PAUL.

unfortunately i am down-voting this.

I love RT but this is just the states that paul won delegates in.
RT has confused it to mean states that he won majority of delegates.

RT is the best news source on TV

Without a doubt.