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My open letter to the vet and active duty service hating Red State

These guys called my dad a piece of shit, but they are not banned. I am banned for my implied support of Ron Paul. This is the last straw with these establishment types. They advertize as a Conservative commons, but are such Stalinists. It is also kind of personal given how they insulted my father (good think I did not tell them about my brother in the Navy who is also a huge Paul supporter).

Now for the letter:

I am not able to log into my Redstate account. My account name is Burningsirius. I am assuming it is my support for Congressman Dr. Ron Paul for president gave the green light to ban me. It seems others who have broken legit rules by calling my father and myself a PoS on many occasions. I have not to my knowledge done anything to be banned (sides from being a Paul supporter). I am very displeased with your website as a service. My father Master Sergent Roger Drinnon (ret. Air Force) was called a Piece of Shit in the comments section (of the only article I commented on) because of his choice of presidential candidate (Ron Paul which is common among retires and active servicemen, like my brother Kynan who is in the Navy).

I realize that you are a private website, but you advertise as a conservative commons. You should be even more explicit about rejecting limited government Constitutionalist from your site.

If you do not want comments from Paul people, never have articles mentioning his name. Be just like the mainstream media and... ignore him. I mean he cannot win, why should you all fret. I showed no disrespect to anyone. I wanted between the people who were insulting me a dialog about why they hated me and the Liberty Movement (which has tons of room for Constitutionalist Conservatives btw) and the Red State Conservative community. I suppose I was too optimistic. I still consider myself a Conservative. I am a devout Christian social conservative. I am a fiscal conservative. I am everything the Republican Party declares itself to be but is not.

So, I will tell other servicemen and veterans I know about your community and how hateful it is toward them. Thank you very much for your time.

Roger Drinnon

I am sorry guys. I had to vent this. It makes me so sad they wrap themselves up in the flag when they have just as much hate for the military as your radical lefty.

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they call it

'Red' State for a reason - and it aint cuz the Repubs got the color red AFTER the left-leaning lame stream media made the final decision to make dems blue knowing the dems are red at heart.
This is how I remember seeing the election maps on the TV back when Reagan won.
Just like how the dems highjacked the term 'liberal', they take our color. Maybe we should take back our 'true blue'.
Anyway, blogs claiming to hold conservative values shouldn't shut out reasoned comments based on who one supports.
Then again it's Eric the Red's blog and he can do what he wants.
I would never go there, though. Once I see a blog veering toward neocon-warmongering, they no longer get my patronage.
I love this btw

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Yeah those types are around

blocked from posting on teaparty.net's facebook page for being pro Paul, poor tv "news" manipulated tools that they are.Oh well none so blind as those who will not even look.