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PETE Hegseth, in race for MN Senate, is member of Council on Foreign Relations

I almost fell off my chair-NO, this nice young man can't be a member of that globalist organization that is out to destroy our BEAUTIFUL AMERICA. So I checked it out, and sure enough, HE IS!! My wife and I were both RP delegates at the MN CD 6 convention and were impressed with the speech that he gave, as I am sure were many others. So I believe this information has to get out and stop this guy's political career before it even gets started. He is a plant. We went to our CD convention as Kurt Bills supporters, so PETE'S speech didn't effect our decision making, but how many did it effect? Please help to expose this guy. Thank You Ray K

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We're On To It...

We are delegates from MN CD6 as well. We could tell he's a warmonger and naive about the truth in this country. He's a lamb in the lion's den, trying to be a lion. Sad.

It's Kurt Bills or bust -- see you at the State May 18 and 19!!

There is no way

That any member of the council of foreign of foreign relations should EVER be elected to anything excepting an afterlife in Hell!


He's a Traitor!

I knew he was part of the Neocon establishment by watching his videos but now to learn he is a CFR member. He is a traitor to this country and our active military and veterans. I guess his Oath to the Constitution means nothing. Haven't our troops and veterans suffered enough? We don't even take care of them now that need help. He is more shameful than Klobuchar and Franken. At least you know they're a liberal and what they stand for. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

He sure doesn't think too much of his son and wife if he wants a one world government. He must think he will get a free pass from the globalists. Doesn't he know throughout history once a dictatorhip is established they start cannibalizing their own? Him and his family already have a 1st class ticket on the bus to the re-education camps and he doesn't even know it. What an idiot!

I received a Hegseth mailer recently and one of the pictures was him at a podium surrounded by politicians. Of course, two of them were Lieberman and McCain. McCain another traitor! CFR member, warmongerer and leaving our vets over in Viet Nam to rot in the POW camps. My father, a WWII vet, which was always careful to not buy into too quickly a veteran in politics. He said years ago that he didn't trust McCain because he looks too good for coming out of a POW camp. People just keep voting him in because he's a veteran. Sometimes I am glad that my father is not still alive to see what has happened to his beloved country. My folks supported Ron Paul many years ago. They saw this coming. It is a shame people can't discern like this anymore.

I am on board with you and I will do whatever I can to promote Kurt Bills! We already have Bachmann that started shedding her sheep's clothing we don't need to make the same mistake again. We are Ron Paul country!