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New Yorkers! Update: Republican Chairman Lies On Robo Call To Republicans

We did good!

There on the counter in my town's local market - and on counters across this NYC suburb - appears this front page, above-the-fold headline in the hot-off-the-press, May 9 edition of the Rockland County Times: PAULIANS DERIDE REDA - Political Throwdown: Vinny Reda vs. The Ron Paul Nation.

"Rockland County GOP Chief Vinny Reda found himself the subject of unexpected national criticism when an audio tape of a robocall he made to local Republicans went viral on the Internet."

The article explains that, in that call, Reda had said Romney was the only one left in the race. After already calling us "The Ron Paul Nation," here's how the paper identifies the disregarded candidate, "Ron Paul, you know, the Congressman from Texas with the most fervent cult following of any politician in America." The article reports, "When Paulians around the country got hold of the audio tape they began posting it all over the Internet and demanding Reda's resignation." The article notes, Vincent Reda is not only the head of the Rockland County GOP but also FIRST VICE CHAIRMAN OF THE NEW YORK STATE GOP. But, it ends stating that Reda still holds both of those positions. So, our work's not done!

The website of the Republican Party of New York State (http://www.nygop.org/page/our-republican-leadership-team) notes: "In 2006 Vincent D. Reda was unanimously elected by his peers, the 62 County GOP Chairmen, to become First Vice Chairman of the New York Republican State Committee. Reda has earned a reputation as a tenacious and a true political tactician..." If we haven't already, we New Yorkers need to let the Republican State Committee know in no uncertain terms that we do not approve of the kind of "tactics" that earned Reda his reputation.

1) The incriminating evidence: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=uTLtT...

2) Republican Party of New York State CONTACT INFO:

New York Republican State Committee
315 State Street
Albany, NY 12210
518-462-2601 – phone
518-449-7443 – fax

Call or address letter or e-mail to Mr. Edward F. Cox, Chairman. (No matter how angry you might be, remember: how we express ourselves reflects on Ron Paul.)

3) Here at the DP, Russell Means reminded us to express gratitude. Maybe a few of you could call or, those with a FAX machine handy, dash off a word of thanks to our local weekly for helping to spread awareness of this unfortunate situation concerning Republican Party leadership within this densely populated county (312,000). Rockland County Times, 26 Snake Hill Road, West Nyack, NY 10994 (845) 727-4114 Fax (845) 727-4944. They're the "little guy." To be sure, this wasn't any headline in our local daily.

[FYI, it was my wish to post that You-Tube clip here, which others also posted or reported on, that motivated me to join the DP. Just know, I love you guys.]

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Deception NOT ALLOWED!!

It has to become 'politically correct' to convey the TRUTH. To run a party line with deception, certainly does not serve the intent of leadership. Yes, accountability is indeed deemed appropriate.

Rose Marie Raccioppi