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Ron Paul Featured in Avengers movie

The recent blockbuster hit Avengers features an evil villain who strives to enslave all humans on Earth with the single goal of controlling people. An analogy for our government, and our movement towards Liberty.

The Evil Villain scares a mob of 1000 people and herds them together. All terrified, he tells them to kneel before him. They all kneel in fear of their Life. And then one man about 70y stands up. "Why are you standing up"? Ron Paul stand-in "I don't kneel for people like you" "There's no one like me" "There will always be people like you" Specifically a shout out to Ron Paul.

One freedom fighter says to the Villain "You're going to lose. It's in your nature. You lack conviction" And so it goes. Romney supporters lack the conviction. We win the delegates, because we fight for something.

Thor attempts to dissuade the villain, "What will you do then, It will all be on your shoulders" Pointing out that if the people who seek to control others succeed, with the movers of the world shrugged or silenced, the essence of the people is gone and there is nothing left to control. A destroyer/controller can only lead a country to destruction. He can not rebuild it.

Also unique from other movies, these heroes all lead themselves. They are a team. And there is no central dictator that most super hero movies have.

A central one world government tried to nuke the city with the villain, and the freedom fighters stop the UN and the dictator.

This movie was made for us.

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