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QUICK anyone wanna tag into a Romney Iowa Campaign Strategy call?

Dear GOP County Leader,

As the primary season comes to a close it has become clear that Iowa will be a critical swing state in the general election. I would like to invite you to join me on a conference call tomorrow, Tuesday May 8th at 6:30 PM for a special call with GOP leaders like yourself. We will discuss our efforts to ramp up in Iowa and ways you can help. We will also review our general election strategy that will ensure victory for Mitt and the entire Republican ticket. Feel free to share this email with the rest of your central committee members. The conference call number and passcode is at the bottom of this email in red.

I hope that you’ll be able to join us on this call tomorrow. Please know that you may always reach us at TeamIA@mittromney.com or (515) 758-0492.

Best regards,
Jill E. Neunaber
Iowa State Manager

Romney Update for GOP Leaders
Tuesday, May 8th at 6:30 PM
Conference Call Line 1-866-305-7432
Passcode 616265

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There is also another call at

There is also another call at 7 that is aimed more towards the general IA GOP. call in number is 866-305-7432 and the log in number is 780470

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So basically team mittens is

So basically team mittens is EXTREMELY unorganized in Iowa... They are trying to disseminate information about where mittens will be via his facebook page. They want to gather all the video's and what not of the roms... They know nothing of Iowa and so are trying to locate the best sign locations, and want to know about local events... They are SERIOUSLY starting from scratch... The RP campaign knows all this stuff, has massive lists etc. Not to mention they have ZERO ground game and virtually NOONE to work for them as volunteers. They are begging for the people to feed them information.

They openly stated that they are working closely with the RNC and are actively planning the victory offices with them and have selected Ryan Gough as their victory office leader.

Team Mittens has absorbed Mike Viundo from the Santorum campaign. He was national campaign manager or what ever and now he is the Iowa campaign manager... what a demotion...

That is all I can think of from my notes at the moment...

07 Daytona 675
Don't Tread on Me!