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Taking Peace Seriously

Ron Paul and Peacekeepers
In several ways Ron Paul made this a more peaceful world such as raining on the hate Iran parade during the Republican convention, and possibly getting in the way of a hate the Muslims future President. But all he asks of anyone who likes what he says concerning peace is to sign a partition to bring the troops home from Afghanistan. Ron Paul talked of getting along with Turkey to fast exit Iran and I have an idea toward Afghanistan. The US can leave in an orderly way or in disarray like leaving from the top of the US embassy in Vietnam. If US with Turkey as a go between and 6 months peace keepers at the city of Kabul's borders provide a cooling off period. Now in Libya the victorious are feuding with each other instead of not allowing Gadafi's home town become a semi-autonomous region.
More detail Google, Reader supported news Ron Paul has done more for peace than people who dedicated their entire lives working for it


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Following your link, and then

Following your link, and then following another link of yours I found:

Huntsman better than Obama
Submitted by RichardKanePA on Tue, 05/08/2012 - 10:37am

My secret goal is Jon Huntsman for President


I at one time may have liked Huntsman, but once his daughters did what they did up in New Hampshire to RP; I would never consider even thinking about voting for him. Also, he will be leaving the Republican party shortly, as was posted earlier here on the DP, so he lost -and will lose- more support than he will ever gain by becoming a Dem or whatever party he affiliates with next.