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Update on Constitution Carwash



RE: Constitution car wash... Although we didn't reach our goal of raising 2012.00 dollars not to mention we had nothing to hand out other than smiles and intellectual conversations last weekend. We has a fantastic turnout and raised hundred plus Shy
of the 2012.00 goal with 1845.00 In donations. We plan to invest a portion of the Car wash donatation into another billboard for Ron Paul Camp. Here in Yuma on one of the main drags... We are going to have another meet up soon. If anyone has any sign for waving (we make our own too) or anything they would like to donate/contribute to us here in Yuma Arizona, please contact me. Jen @ gysgt2u1@yahoo.com It's hot here in AZ already and we like car washes.... Semper Fi....

If anyone would like to match please contact me... RON PAUL 2012


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