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The Only Way We Will Win A Primary At This Point Is If We Spread This Information Right Now


They cheated , and broke their own rules.

They themselves unbound all the delegates for us. We need to get this to news media as fast as possible so this guy resigns because if this is on the news it will sway opinion in our way like nothing else ever could.

we could win texas and california if romney hits a scandle right now.

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Are you kidding?

For them to admit that would mean that they have some integrity and as we all know that word doesn't exist in their vocabulary. Romney is a shit and I double dog dare him to prove me wrong. Anyway the game is fixed with the voting machines. There is such an incongruity between the attendance at Paul rallys and the turnout at the polls there is no doubt the fix is in. We can only win when we can observe the process and rout out the creeps.

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Great, bump up

Let's put the pressure on!!