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Hundreds of thousands of Ron Paul supporters voted for Romney today

Hundreds of enthusiastic DP’ers have posted proudly, “I voted for Ron Paul today.” However, in many cases that's not even true. Instead, those dedicated freedom fighters may have just cast their votes for their arch-enemy, globalist and Goldman Sachs candidate Mitt Romney. Even more bizarre, those votes may well have went to Santorum and even Gingrich, too. How else could anyone explain those numbers.

When Michelle Bachmann dropped out of the race, how did she do in her own home state? She got less than .5% of ther vote. Santorum with 12% in West Virginia, defeating the actively campaigning Paul? That is impossible.

Like the ones prior in these May 8th primaries countless thousands of our votes were stolen and handed over to Romney. That’s right, Romney gets the CREDIT for our votes, falsely gloating in it. If that doesn’t make your blood boil, what will?

This has been happening since Iowa. The same happened in tonight’s primaries. Yet, incredibly, it also happened years ago in West Virginia, Indiana, and North Carolina, in that case for John McCain.

In 2008 we were cheated out of tens of thousands of votes in these states. For instance, in West Virginia McCain had minimal popularity and was, rather, greatly disliked. Yet, he 'won' in a landslide. It was all rigged. Are we going to let it happen again?

We talk about "unbinding" delegates. How about unbinding our votes from Romney and even Santorum and putting them where they belong, back to Ron Paul?

It’s easy to do. Just go to RonPaulVoteCount.org and get your affidavit. When done, either upload it or mail it, or even fax it. They are being uploaded and mailed in from all over the country. Join us to prove, once and for all, our real vote count.

UPDATE: This started from the beginning. In Iowa Edward L. True caught the error, filed an affidavit, and made the riggers change it. In a neighboring county, Appanoose-Union, a township with only 100 potential voters, Santorum was give 32 caucus votes. The GOP was called on it by Iowa activists. They changed it to 3 votes. Matt McDonald caught Maine GOP fudging numbers, stealing votes from Dr. Paul, and forced them to change it. And we're supposed to be the paranoid ones? If we ARE suspicious, we have been given all the reason to be.

You want more proof of the rigging? Go here:

http://www.meetup.com/Harrisburg-Liberty-Alliance/photos/355... (West Virginia)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Q9NSVUu8nk (West Virginia)

Note: this year's fraud in WV should be easy to prove. The vote riggers only list 11,600 or so votes for Paul. Sign those affidavits, people.

Everyone, see this below. See how they cheated us out of votes in Wake County, 2008. Now, Dr. Paul is FAR more popular then--and we're to believe their wicked numbers, that he can barely scratch above 10%?

http://s269.photobucket.com/albums/jj80/RonRules/Elections20... (NC)

For sure, we have been cheated tonight. Trolls, you are alerted. We know you'll attempt to "justify" the numbers. Don't believe them for a minute.

Action #1: do something about it. Count your vote. Go to: www.ronpaulvotecount.org.

Action #2: shut down the County Boards of Elections. Use this letter and build a document:


Add the appropriate charts and graphs as found on RonPaulForums under the thread Vote Integrity: the case for the occurrence of algorithmic vote flipping.

For a direct link to the affidavit: http://www.ronpaulvotecount.org/voting/voting%20affidavit.pdf

For the post about vote theft in North Carolina (2008): http://www.dailypaul.com/231904/evidence-of-gross-election-r...

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Volunteer to work a Polling Station

I did. I am now a Poll Touch Screen Inspector and I WILL be looking for any evidence of fraud etc.

I would suggest making up real voting suggestions. We need a secret water mark or paper or some way to verify they are not Bravo Sierra.

My 3 cents since 2 is just not good enough.

Isn't that nice

It's always nice to hop on the Daily Paul and find my name in the story. Makes me feel good to be a supporter of open elections and liberty.

Are both sides of this issue still reading?

I have questions. For those of you who think it's actually unlikely that Ron's votes are being stolen, have you watched the documentary about the Diebold machines? Do you discount those reports? Further, do you not consider the screwy things done during the caucuses in Maine, and Washington and some other places to be any significant threat to Ron getting some states for Ron to report wins? I think the fact that he doesn't get any outright wins in primaries or caucuses does contribute to the mantra that he can't win and I think that alone is the biggest hurdle we face.
Now,to the OP, regarding Mr. True; did he catch fraudulent numbers resulting from electronic voting machines and make them correct them? What about the other cases you cite? How does the use of your site address electronic voting fraud? How does the affidavit help when you don't know whether the vote was counted right or not? How do you know you need to assert your record when you don't know the actual count? Even if I count the whole day's voters,if I'm the only one doing this, how is one precinct going to help?

West Virginia

The numbers are more than likely correct. West Virginia is full of ignorant hick toadies. No doubt they haven't a clue what the hell is going on in the race, yet alone the country.

My latest Daily Paul article: How the U.S. Media Has Had a Big Hand in Helping Ron Paul Win the Republican Nomination

Good Technique there, new member X-boy...

... member for a full 2 days and 14 hours! Wow!

Trying to make us look like collectivist stereo-typers? In Diebold you trust!

Go hide under someone else's bridge, Troll.

Think again

Actually I just returned to Daily Paul after a two year hiatus. My previous handle was THX1138 and I was basically a member shortly after DP opened its doors. It wasn't until some green horn moderator who didn't know jack decided to ban me for reasons unknown. I didn't bother protesting to Michael for reinstatement, because frankly the moderators were clueless back then, and I was tired of wasting my time with newbies who couldn't handle a little thoughtful critique.

My latest Daily Paul article: How the U.S. Media Has Had a Big Hand in Helping Ron Paul Win the Republican Nomination

I think I would know

Further, regarding West Virginia... I was a national rep for a politically astute educational organization for years with tens of thousands of members from all 50 states. Next to none of which came from West Virginia.

My latest Daily Paul article: How the U.S. Media Has Had a Big Hand in Helping Ron Paul Win the Republican Nomination

Does the fact...

Does the fact that a convicted felon got nearly as many votes as Obama argue for or against the ignorance of the voting population? It's not completely clear to me.

Here we go again

Look, if we want to seriously consider election fraud then that is fine. What I see though here after every primary and caucus is total paranoia. Chasing down ghosts is not the best use of our time and it only serves as a distraction for those who come to this site looking to learn more about Dr. Paul. When you scream FRAUD all it does is grossly understate the amount of work that still needs to be done. Our numbers have grown exponentially, but we are still a drop in the bucket compared to 325 million + Americans

Do you honestly think that there is some widespread systemic council of 7, NWO secret algorithm that is programmed to flip votes? Even if it were true, what can we do about it before the election? If they have this all-powerful ability to do this without being caught then they will also do this in the general election. The fact that voting machines (like any other machine) can be hacked or infected with viruses does not mean that they are. You cannot simply look at voting results and assume that fraud is occurring. A detective doesn't show up at a crime scene with a dead body and instantly know all the details of the case. You think there was fraud again last night? Do you have eyewitnesses? Do you have sworn testimony from everyone who voted and who they voted for? Do you have a copy of the algorithm or other viral program that was uploaded? Do you have video evidence of anything that could be considered suspect from last nights vote?

I know it is really really hard to think that people are this stupid to continue to act like robots. BUT THEY ARE. We live in a bubble too, it's just a Ron Paul bubble where the truth is upheld. The largest voting group (old farts) also are largely not on the internet. "How can 5,000 people go to a rally but only get X number of votes?" Simple. Many people who go to these rallies are from different towns. They may not be registered, or they may be registered as a democrat, etc. They are also young, and historically when the rubber hits the road and its time to put up or shut up, young people fail to pull through. They have the worst turnouts of any age group when it comes to voting.

The fraud that we need to worry about is what Ron Paul worries about. The corrupt Federal reserve, the bank and corporate bailouts, the flip flopping politicians, etc. Let's keep doing what we are doing one person at a time. The greatest fraud is the concerted and joint effort of the corporate owned media to blacklist, blackout, and marginalize Ron Paul and his supporters. People comment about how America is full of SHEEPLE everyday yet somehow we forget this on election night.

It takes a while to gather all the data, but explain this:

"I noticed that Rockingham county, NC had all 4 candidates around 20-35% with 6.5% reporting in and at 100% reporting it's 65/10/10/9. Might that be a case of flipping?" (eyewitness, RP activist)

You do know about exit polls, how they "call" elections with a miniscule percentage of the vote, usually much less than 6.5%? Gee, if they would have applied that standard Paul would have been neck-and-neck with Romney.

And how could Santorum or Gingrich score 20% plus after dropping out of the race? Never happened before in history, why here?

Note: the anomaly is being investigated, and data regarding it will be posted in due course.

That is not unnatural at all

Sometimes election returns after 6.5% of the vote comes in are a close match to the final percentages. Sometimes they are quite different. It's quite common to have absentee ballots counted first. If that happened in any NC counties, Romney's numbers would have been worse at first. It was never expected to be a huge state for him. There were strong groups of Gingrich and Santorum supporters, and there is no guarantee that Romney would have won if they were still in the race. At the very least it would have been close, and that would likely be represented in the absentee ballots. That is by far the most plausible explanation here.

Exit polls can be used to predict results very easily. If exit polling in several precincts matches the early vote totals, and the statewide exit polling shows a large gap between the candidates, one can make a very confident call as to the winner of an election. You don't have to have a ton of votes actually counted to make a prediction if you are starting with a reasonably representative sample.

It is also not unprecedented at all for candidates to get decent vote shares after dropping out of a race. In NC, voter turnout was massive for other reasons. When voters got to the booth, they had a chance to express their presidential preference. Wouldn't you vote for Ron Paul if he was on the ballot even if he had suspended his campaign?

Bush's story proves the

Bush's story proves the election is only a puppet show.

Bush was awarded the president of US in 2000. Even Clinton did a good job in his term. There was a historical surplus when Bill left the White House. Yet the Inside Group gave the seat to Bush. Because what they needed was a soulless puppet who willingly to satisfy citizens' lives for Mid-east war. (he activated false flag 911 attack)

Bush was awarded the President of US again in 2004. Because he was proved an obedient puppet. And the Group needed more war - war on Iran. Even he was known as a big swindler whom lied into Iraq war.

How could this happen? Because Feds controls election office. They rigged election to select any candidate who is their favorite. The rest work is left for media which issued fake poll to convince public the election was a fair one.

Well gee I think you've

Well gee I think you've cracked the code.

We must be on to something. The hacks and agents of subterfuge

(trolls) are posting like mad on this thread. Go away and try to confuse someone else. We know your motives.

Exposing the electronic voter Fraud

Must be Done.Almost 1st priority!!!!





Yep, the election fraud

Yep, the election fraud apparatus is fully in place. This is different from voter fraud and easier to control.

Amazingly the delegate system is harder to fraud and control. I see a glimmer of hope.

And again the fire of liberty has been lit and I do not see it going out anytime soon!

It is clear

that Ron Paul is being cheated in any way necessary and it is getting worse as Ron Paul's popularity increases.

First they got away with just ignoring him (like they did to Gary Johnson this time around.)

Then some ridicule, some old letters with no real meat on them, the "he can't win" propaganda etc. etc.

No need to rig the vote when you are not a threat.

They cheated at the Nevada convention in 2008 where they needed to be a little more heavy handed because Ron Paul was doing a little too well. Remember how the propaganda media didn't show who came second in the popular vote in Nevada in 2008?

Anyone who has been following closely has seen all the tricks they have played at the state conventions this year. Change of rules, not following their own rules when appointing chairs, "mistakes" when reporting or adding up the votes, votes counted in secret, even a whole county cancelled due to an inch of snow. And their propaganda media arm is always there to cover their dirty little secrets.

What we can conclude from everything we have seen is that the elite will do everything necessary to keep the power. Expect much more vote rigging, more people being put in jail and eventually civil war.

No tyrant has ever gone down without a fight and it would be foolish to expect these "greatest tyrants through all of history" to do so either.


Same BS every election night.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

This is why we are called kooks

This is almost laughable. Its also getting rather tiresome hearing all the "voter fraud" whining from our side. This is why, among some other reasons, we are generalized as "kooks". It hurt us in Iowa, and it has hurt us since 2008. Thankfully most of us have matured..i hope. Please stop this nonsense. Im not saying that there isnt voter fraud, and that we are being cheated by the current GOP leadership in caucus states-but it isnt nearly as rampent as many here want to trumpet, and it is hurting our candidates crediability and appearence.


You are not willing to stand up against fraud, even though you admit you believe it exists, because you're afraid of being called a KOOK? I think there are much greater things to fear here, and I am willing to endure way worse to win. Dr. Paul himself has been called every crazy name under the sun, thank God he did not have your attitude and cower down in fear!

Might we be losing perspective, here?

The theft of a single vote is a criminal act with heavy fines and jail time. Would you like to know what is really hurting us? It is stealing our votes.

When WV's Sheriff Bowman feared losing in a tight race, 2012, he did the untenable. He fudged 100 absentee ballots with his name. But he got caught and pled guilty. The proposed punishment: $250,000 fine plus jail time. Why would anyone attempt to diminish the issue of vote/election fraud, when our own legal system holds it so seriously?

What's hurting "our candidate's appeareance" is making him out like a failure compared to Romney. That's the goal of the vote riggers.

If they would have given him his real vote in South Carolina, for instance, it would have helped his "appearance" and ours, too, because the fact is he took second place, beat Romney, but was cheated.

What is really laughable? It is attempts by you and others to undermine our attempts to dig out this truth.

He beat Romney in SC?

There's no evidence whatsoever that his 15 point loss to Romney in SC was actually a win. There's no evidence of a single state where fraud kept Ron Paul from winning a primary. It really would behoove the serious Ron Paul supporters to root out these conspiracy theories. This type of stuff truly does drive away potential supporters of your movement.

I would hope, finally, you Zionist mole, that they simply

Eject you to another planet. Only you would pollute that, too, just like you are attempting to pollute us.

And we wouldn't have to defend our numbers if it wasn't for you and your ilk stealing them, and not just stealing them but handing them over to our arch enemies. Go away.


I'm not even sure what that's supposed to mean.


Yep, keep on searching for that "truth" so that the RP island of voters becomes increasingly harder to gamer newcomers, and keeps becoming smaller.

I swear, I sometimes feel like the only rational person on here sometimes..

Take today as a Lesson.

All we have to do is take a stack of these Affadavits, printed out (just black & white; cheap to do!) to each polling location from here on out and we will start winning the popular vote left and right.

All of you guys already going to the polls? THIS IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN SUPER BROCHURES... And cheaper, too. Just hand these out to everyone who looks like they might be a Paul supporter and boom; Instant Poll tranparancy.

We've GOTTA get someone doing this at every poll station from here on out... Honest Ron would start winning most states immediately!


not so easy..

>Just hand these out to everyone who looks like they might be a Paul supporter and boom; Instant Poll tranparancy.

I stood outside of a polling station and handed out super brochures.. I gave away less than 50 and most of the people I handed them to didn't look all that enthused about Paul. I only had one guy tell me he was a Paul supporter.. Total votes for Paul on election day from that precinct? 107. (and just for reference 48 votes there in '08)

Despite what /r/politics and the media want you to believe, Paul supporters aren't all young white kids.

It's NOT easy

But if there were 107 that day and you can show a higher number than that, then this is what we need.

We had a sign wave prior to our primary. The response was very encouraging with so many thumbs up, horn honks, some even stopped to chat. If I had to take a rough guess, I'd say we had well over 100 horn honks with the driver/passenger showing thumbs up and yelling out the window "Ron Paul!". Paul had 10 so-called recorded votes (one of those was mine). Sorry, but I don't buy it.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

What I was trying to say is...

You can't just go by appearances, and many people won't admit that they are going to vote for Paul (I don't know why..) and won't admit that they voted for him.

>But if there were 107 that day and you can show a higher number than that

But how? Of those 107 that voted at the precinct only ONE of them came up to me and identified himself as a Paul voter. Who are the other 106?

There were over 2,500 votes for Paul in my county.. I only know of four Paul supporters in my county and I've only seen one Paul bumper sticker (mine). From what I can tell I was the only Paul supporter in the county putting out Paul signs. I'm actually REALLY shocked at the number of votes he got.

If the Paul campaign held a rally here then we might get some of those people to come out of the woodwork and give up contact info so we can start getting them involved, etc.