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CBS News: Would-be underwear bomber a double agent



(CBS News) The would-be bomber in the recently-uncovered plot to blow up a U.S.-bound airliner leaving Yemen was an undercover intelligence agent.


The Associated Press is reporting that the alleged double agent has been removed from Yemen and apparently is safe. This may go a long way toward explaining why authorities said yesterday that the bomber was no longer considered a threat. It may well be now that he was actually working with the CIA all along.

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Unbelievable? Not exactly...

This has already been posted to the DP, but as a reminder, the first underwear bomber was blocked by the airline from boarding because he was on an anti-terror watch list (after being turned in by his own father), but was then escorted on board by agents "unknown". And furthermore his bomb, supposedly built by an Al Qaeda master bomb maker, was deliberately shaped so that it was not capable of exploding, but in fact could only burn.

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This whole story of a foiled

This whole story of a foiled bomb plot is just a load of bs. It is nothing but a preemptive strike against the legislation that rand paul is writing to abolish the tsa.The media is already telling us how the bomb would not show up on the x-ray machines so the only way they could have found the bomb was to do a pat down. It's all just the media manipulating the sheeple again.

The first problem with this

The first problem with this story is "A US bound airliner leaving from Yemen". WTF??? Now we have non stop flights from Yemen to the White House shuttling Obama's buddies around? LOL

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Let me guess...

The CIA black-op was called 'Lusitania'.

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and this is yet more proof of it....

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

AJ's gonna have a field day with this one!....

I'll have to tune in tomorrow for certain!.... The tyrants are crumbling right before our eyes.... but stay on guard, the beast becomes more and more irrational when it gets caught in a lie.

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

it is really frightening if

it is really frightening if you think about it. An out of control and mostly unaccountable agency (well two if you count the FBI) trying to manufacture terrorist plots in order to justify more clandestine war.

And congress sleeps on.


Good Griief! You forgot about the DEA and operation Fast and Furious and I could go on and on.

Actually, that was the ATF

The DEA just left a college kid in a room to die of thirst or starvation, with only a bag of meth to sustain himself. Get it straight!


true, good point!

true, good point!

I'm sure

they've got enough goods on those crooks in Congress that they aren't going to be any trouble.

That's not the surprise; the

That's not the surprise; the surprise is that ABC News reported it. Usually the American media doesn't report things that the White House doesn't want it too.

The CIA causes many more

The CIA causes many more problems than they prevent.

Read "Legacy of Ashes," for starters. Then realize that was just the sh*t that the author was allowed to print that was declassified.

Here is a comment from the internet yesterday

This Corrinne person hit the nail on the head right off the bat lol.


Comments are a hoot in that article
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This is the one that captures it best:

Corinne Regets
...om f*ng GOD, you F*ng idiots are at it again??? Just stop...please, just fu*ng STOP... No one believes you anymore. PLEASE, fu*ng stop with the stupid sh*t, I can't comment anymore... un-f*kng believeable!!!

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Admit it, the first thing we

Admit it, the first thing we all thought of when we heard about this is that he was (yet) another CIA asset, and this whole thing is a false flag scam.

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I saw Bob Orci (the

I saw Bob Orci (the screenwriter) post this story earlier.

it's AL-C.I.A.-DA....!

hahaha... honestly, who didn't see this one comin'?.... However, I'm shocked that the MSM in reporting it... maybe the tide is turning.

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

they are so incompetent

they cant even pull a old school false flag..
2012 fool me once ..you cant get fooled twice..know what a mean?

George W...

Is that you?

Ha, ha..

Ann in Florida

Ok, now this is funny!

Ok, now this is funny!

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein