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Ron Paul's health

He doesn't sound very good to me in his opening statement today in the Congressional hearings about reforming the Fed.

What do you think? Just a cold coming on, or...?:


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speak in public for 300 or

speak in public for 300 or 400 days in a row and tell me if your throat hurts!

Come on

Just a cold, he has been on a whirlwind tour as of late and around thousands of people so he has a cold.
looks like he is dealing with it just fine.

He sounded fine on Kudlow tonight 5/8/2012


Shut up, all y'all

Ron's as healthy as a horse. Stop this negative speculation.

My guess is that he takes a

My guess is that he takes a blood thinner, it's common as a preventative measure against elevated blood pressure and associated issues. The sniffles could be a side effect. Of course this is pure speculation on my part. I have no evidence to support this. My belief is that he's in great health and will stick around for another 25 years.

I hope your right.


"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

What's the matter with you?

Why would you start this thread? The title every person who logs in is going to be "Ron Paul's health." Come on, man.

You've been here a long time and should know better. If you feel the need to speculate on this, please do it in the other forum on the Congressional hearings where it is already being discussed.

Why would you make such a rude post like this?

No, I don't search every sub-thread and forum before posting. There aren't enough hours in the day to do that!

Sorry you're not concerned about the good doctor's health. Some of us are.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."


I hear ya but we DO need to be careful......



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

a cold

Yep, sounds like he's got a cold to me. Maybe those lovely Virginia allergies.

Gosh, I hope he's alright...

Hope he knows about Vitamin D3. I NEVER get colds anymore.

I do worry about his health, because, as you all probably know, he could be the target of....well......

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."