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How to Inoculate Public to MSM Attacks?

I suggest that we modify our approach to the media. It is not that the MSM has," ignored and slept through" the great results that Ron Paul has been getting. It is not that they did not understand the significance of the delegate selection process.

I believe our tactic needs to NOT minimize the premeditated efforts the MSM has been using. We need to be exposing the MSM as very intentionally using these tactics as part of their methodologies to influence elections and be of service to their advertisers.

When it became obvious that Ron Paul was going to get nominated at the Tampa GOP convention, they could no longer use the ignoring tactic or they would have suffered a devastating blow to their credibility in the future. "How can it be that Ron Paul has won a majority of delegates in x number of states and made so much headway and the MSM has not reported any of it?"

Their current MSM tactic is to minimize the damage from their black out campaign by describing the delegate wins as "stolen", "obscure delegate selection process" and "Romney is still inevitable". How can the media be blamed for the fact that a small number of pot smoking radicals did extensive research into some obscure minutiae of GOP rules to spring this surprise attack on the democratic process of the GOP?

Don't be lulled into thinking the MSM will ever be our friend in this. Unless we can put more money in their pockets than their advertisers can, they will always jump to the tune their sponsors are calling. Most of those sponsors will suffer setbacks to their easy federal dollars when Paul gets into office.

With that in mind, we need to get ready for the upcoming onslaught from the MSM. And soon, they will get very mean and very dirty.

Part of the preparations for the next MSM tactic, is to use this opportunity of blatant propaganda they have been utilizing the past months, to educate people. Let's expose the bias the MSM has and the tactics that they use now, when it is particularly obvious and easy to see. Then, people will be less susceptible to their influence when the attacks begin in earnest.

To start, do not refer to the MSM as "sleeping" or "uninformed" or "ignoring" Ron Paul. Instead, point out how the MSM has been working
"relentlessly", "dishonestly" and "with surgical precision" to try and sway public opinion against Paul. They have been using the power of their position as distributor of information, to "influence elections for their advertisers benefit".

I am not trained in communications, public policy or media. This is just how I see it. Perhaps there are better words to use, or maybe I am totally off base. Let's see what we can discuss publicly here to prepare for the coming MSM attacks.

Any other tactics to inoculate the public against the coming MSM onslaught? Do we go on the offensive, pro-active? Defense, reactive?
What else?

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Isvestia, Pravda Sivoidne, & TASS

Are the names I use constantly when refering to, respectively, our local paper, USSA Today, and the Dino-media. All are state organs, and much like broken clocks, occasionally, either accidentally or strategically, tell the truth.
Of course, as a counterpoint to their political agenda, they are assiduously accurate when it comes to the society and sports segments. After all... Panem et Circensis...

Pravda Sivoidne

Practice them on your friends. If nothing else you will enjoy the look of befuddlement and consternation on their faces.

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