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How to make money any time anywhere anyplace.

Greetings my little DP ers .

As some of you might know I am running for Congress. A few weeks ago my campaign lacked serious support and it was going under but not now. I have received a shot in the arm that has revived my campaign and helped with financing.

So you ask me how I did this? Well are first of all I want to tell you this, if you're short on funds or maybe you're a delegate that is trying to get to Tampa or maybe you would like to donate to Dr. Paul's campaign a little more often I have a way for you to make money and help Dr. Paul win.

Now every time I have done this I have at least made $40 a day but if you're real good you can make 90 to 150. It's very easy to do and you can even do it after work and in your spare time.

Now all I'm asking is that if you use this method which I am going to tell you about that you will at least donate the first two dollars you make to my campaign on July 4.

That is all, once you find out about this you will not have any worries about finding the financing to go to Tampa if you're a delegate. If you just want to donate $30-$40 daily to Dr. Paul you can do this or maybe even donate to your own pocket

I am now just 250 signatures short of getting on the ballot and I will be on the ballot in November. So don't let anybody tell you there is no alliance between Occupy and the rEVOLution.

Because I am running for Congress in the Occupy movement.Your friend always, Lance and if you will go visit my site@employmentforthe99.com you will find out just what I'm talking about thank you.

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First of all

For those who visited my website and were very grateful for the information I gave you thank you for the response and I hope that you are able to participate and are very successful.

These are very hard financial times we live under and it is not very easy to find a job or find extra ways to make money,lots of you have written me to tell me how grateful they are that I've bestowed this information upon them.

For those of you who ridicule me I prefer that you thank me for helping out in your cause if not for you but for your fellow supporters. But of course some of you would prefer to sit around here and pontificate upon the purity of libertarianism and that's okay by me. I did not have time to do this.

I have now found a cause which I believe in wholeheartedly and that is to find jobs for so many in my district and around this country who simply have given up and are living in poverty because our fascist government has let these fascist corporations outsource and destroy ways for common people to make a living. Jobs are becoming obsolete and one day your job will be taken over by a computer.

I might not be the most qualified candidate to run for Congress but I am the first candidate to run for Congress that identifies with the Occupy movement and this of which I'm very proud of and I can guarantee you this, I will not be the last candidate to run in the Occupy movement.One day soon there will be an Occupy candidate on every ballot in this country, every Senate seat every mayoriol post every city Council in this country will one day be filled with the Occupy movement we will be 10 times bigger than the tee ball party.

Get used to us because we are here to stay. Dr. Paul would be ashamed of some for bashing the Occupy movement and I will tell you this, Dr. Paul is a lot more progressive than you might even think.

And I will leave you with some of his own quotes.

"I sympathize with in the Occupy movement they lost their jobs because Wall Street got the bailout and the people got sold out".Dr Paul.

"I think we could afford universal health care if we hadn't spent all our money on all these wars"Dr Paul.

When Dr. Paul debated Krugman he said and I quote"if we're going to print money and give it away then why not give it to the construction workers" Well folks this is exactly what my plan calls for to give the money to build infrastructure.

"And these children that you spit on as they try to change the world are immune to your consultations there full aware of what they're going through" David Bowie.

How did anyone visit your website?

I have tried twice and it goes to outlook.
Also in what state are you running for congress. You then direct people to your fb with no info.

Formerly rprevolutionist


remove the quotes from Dr. Paul if you insist on using them out of context.
there is only one shovel ready job the government has consistently provided. the last 10 years, in particular, should be proof of that.
we are currently working to purge our government of your type.
thanks for stopping in.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

oh I will move on!

but not before Ill have my final say. What I see in this movement right now is a lot of youth struggling to find jobs.

While whole bunch of you baby boomers are setting around with your wide butts pontificating on libertarianism when you have been the biggest socialist we've had in this whole country.

Always easy for those who lived in the lap of luxury and found it so easy to be libertarians when you've all got great jobs and have sucked off the fruits of Social Security and other programs and your parents that you detest.

Well let me let you in on a secret baby boomers the youth they love me. They love me because I give them hope. I show them how they can get jobs they know where its at.

And I am fighting for them fighting for them to get easy jobs because it hasn't been so easy for them they are struggling.

Okay now I'll be on my way, love always your friend Lance. ...Oh yeah and best of luck also, I mean that ,I think were gonna win.

LOL. Baby Boomers?

You think its the baby boomers that are leading the charge in libertarianism? You sir, are confused. I will leave you to your delusions.

what i see in this movement

is a group of people tired of being robbed at gunpoint to finance people like yourself that seem to think they know better than everyone else.
if your high speed rail idea were sound, you'd have no problem finding investors in the private sector. if any of your ideas were sound you wouldn't require the force of government to make it happen.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

I don't get it, and am not

I don't get it, and am not sure I like your mission, but how do you make money? I will take $40/day..u do not say how..??

lol this is funny..I dont even understand what you are trying to

sounds like some sort of ponzi scheme.

you need to change street corners

if the most you're making is $150 a day. either that or change your technique, cause i've heard rumors of people earning upwards of $500 a day.


Go occupy your mom's living room couch.
PS. little hint to assist your mastery of the internetz:
People can't go ‘visit’ an email link (blah`@'condescending99prick.com)
Not that I would be ‘visiting’ anyway, “komrade”–

the link doesnt even work.

the link doesnt even work. It opened up Outlook, lol.

The #1 Threat

...to our national security is our debt to gdp ratio. Or just more plainly, we spend more money than we make each year. This money we spend is borrowed from the Fed that is printed when the Treasury asks for it, or some far off foreign bank, etc. They print this money from nothing. They don't check the vaults to see if this current print queue is covered by anything...they just push the keys on the computer and it becomes digits on a screen. Oh, and this borrowed money must be paid back to the Fed with interest. So, we have to pay back money we didn't have in the first place, because we asked for this huge loan...but then we have to pay back interest on that money, we never had. This is not sustainable.

We can't fix an economy that is smothered in debt, with more debt. We can't afford to spend more money printed from nothing because the laws of economics don't listen to your laws, or his laws, or her laws, or any laws. They are natural laws. Right now, these laws are being ignored at our own peril.

When the Government inflates the money supply (printing USD), they make the value of your USD go down. There's too many USD floating around out there and they're slowly finding their way back home from all these bailouts and mal-investments around the globe. Putting more worthless USD out there in the wind with all of your proposed Government spending projects is not going to increase confidence in the USD. The USD is on the ropes. You want to TKO the USD.

Listen here my "little" DP poster...

we are not "your little" anything.

#1 is proof positive you are absolutely clueless.

Study history and economics and get back to us.

Do not support this guy read

Do not support this guy read his bill proposal "Emergency Jobs Plan Act" he is in favor of wealth distribution and will need the FED to do it

Actually lots of Libertarians in my district support me.

If you dont believe me go to my facebook, and see all the ones who do. And bTW my plan would bypass the FED.

Do not support this guy read

Do not support this guy read his bill proposal "Emergency Jobs Plan Act" he is in favor of wealth distribution and will need the FED to do it