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Pro Ron Paul Journalists - Who are they?

Constructive Ron Paul suggestion.

Who are the most pro Ron Paul MSM presenter/pundit or is at least fair or impartial? Obviously 'The Judge' is a gimme. Let's give the best journalist on T.V. and newspapers a collective 'Shout Out'.

The idea is that by giving them a larger proactive audience, providing favourable reviews and commenting on their blogs/articles their internal standing may increase, support may grow along with their influence and all the while we can do our part passing on our message and praise. It could help shape journalism.

If nothing else this would be an ideal place to share knowledge with each other.

So far I have -

Ben Swann - Fox19
Rachel Maddow - MSNBC
Neil Cavuto - FOX

Do you agree?

Do you have any other suggestions?

If this gets a good response here and on selected sites replies will be collated and popular webpages provided for us all to follow.

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Robin Koerner

p.s. you need an 's' on the end of journalist

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Robin Koerner of

Huffington Post

Rachel Maddow is not pro-Ron Paul.

She may report about him more fairly than the others, but she is constantly implying that he and his supporters are cheating.

Maddow is covering this for 3 reasons:

1. Ratings = Us.
2. A fight in the GOP gives Maddow a tingle up his leg.
3. When Paul ends up opposing 0bomba, he will turn on Ron Paul like a tranny who's had his weave snatched off of his head.

Hide & watch.

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Isn't Rachel Maddow a bit of a girls name? Although looking at the pics I can see where you are coming from :)

Please do not forget

Please do not forget FBN.tv

They are our media, but they also need contributions. It is determined that msm is of no value to us nor will they be.

Freedom does have a price, so does having our own media.

PS don't forget to donate to FBN if/when you are able to. The more dollars they have, the more coverage they can offer.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

To clarify..this is Freedom

To clarify..this is Freedom Broadcasting Network--not Fox Business News..:)

Oh and I would have to add John Stossel and minus Maddow..



John Stossel - Fox Business News