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So when are we going to force the fact that polls are being rigged into the media?

I can see it now. After this election cycle they will get rid of the delegate process. Officially sealing the fate of the nation to tyranny and pre selected presidential canidates.

The information needs to be collected , all the fraud.

We need to present it and assault both the internet and news agencies with it until its investigated/reported on air .

Its not even about ron paul anymore , this is about our country.

If they can run with a news story that energizes the public to the point of riots ABOUT A BLACK KID GETTING SHOT. What reaction would the public have to knowing OFFICIALLY that their votes dont mean anything anymore?

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People already know that their votes don't matter

That is why there is such complacency in this country.
Why bother if it won't count?
That is what they want us to do, blindly accept the control they have over us.
Remember the frog analogy Dr. Paul talked about?

It's that complacency that really p*sses me off, to be honest.
I really give it to people if they start talking that way, in a nice way of course!