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State Delegate Conventions: Important Dates in June, The Real Beauty Contests

These are the actual contests that matter most. Tonight is nothing more than a piggy pageant. Ms. Piggy is jealous of Mitt Romney, he's upstaging her.

State Delegate Convetions

Lousiana June 2nd (Saturday)

Indiana June 9th (Saturday)

North Carolina June 3rd (Sunday)

Oregon June 23rd (Saturday)

Arkansas June 23rd

Kentucky June 9th

Texas June 9th

California June 5th (Tuesday)

New Jersey June 5th

New Mexico June 16th (Saturday)

South Dakota June 5th

Nebraska July 14th (Saturday)

Montana June 16th


Out of these 15 states, I think Ron Paul will win the vast majority of state delegate conventions.

Last weekend it was amazing to watch the Nevada and Maine state delegate conventions LIVE here on the Daily Paul...it was beyond fun!

Ron Paul didn't win the Nevada caucus straw poll...but he won the state delegate convention - Same with Maine, Iowa, Massachusetts, Washington, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado, Oklahoma, Alaska, and Louisiana is pretty much a done deal too.

Ask yourself a simple question. Which matters most? Straw poll beauty pageant primary wins, or state convention delegate wins?

If Ron Paul has ALREADY won 11 states, and is likely to win at least another 11 state delegate conventions - that would send us to Tampa Bay with at least 22 states full of Ron Paul delegates.

Rick Santorum's delegates come from 5 states: Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kansas and North Dakota.

Newt Gingrich's delegates come from South Carolina and Georgia.

In summary...

22 likely state delegate convention wins for Paul.

7 states with delegates up for grabs....(mostly southern states)

Which leaves Mitt Romney with 21 state convention wins at most.

Ron Paul is likely to have more national delegates on the convention floor than Mitt Romney come late August at the RNC.

If that is so - if Ron Paul has a majority of delegates in Tampa Bay, they can change history.

The question is, what about the delegates being "bound," to vote for Romney on the first ballot?

With the likelihood of their being an opposing majority of delegates on the convention floor in Tampa Bay, the bound delegates can become unbound rather quickly.

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add this link to your list

it is a PDF file and shows each state and how/when the delegates are chosen.

the date you sighted for CA

is our primary.

Don't forget....

Illinois - June 8th and 9th

We're not all O-zombies here :)

How are the delegates

How are the delegates selected in states you haven't mentioned? Not all states have conventions selecting delegates? Are some just appointed?