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Liberty Movement Will Win

Liberty Patriots

First of all big Thank you to all who voted for Dr. Ron Paul on this day.

This is not just about electing a president.
We must work hard changing hearts and minds.
This is about electing your local Liberty minded people to high office.
It is about the grassroots activist work - everything from educational booths at gun shows to posting leaflets on Church library and community center's info-boards.

Every person who learns the truth is one person less to place hand-cuffs on your hands when things go bad in the near future!

Truth is if we took over just the CNN news network we would be able to get Ron Paul to win every state in a landslide.

But we the grassroots we can defeat CNN and all the other so called mainstream media by working hard being dedicated passionate in our work.

Truth once seen is the most powerful weapon.
Often it takes one tweet on Twitter to change ones life.
From neo-con to freedom fighter.

Onward to victory!

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