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VIDEO Sheriff Mack to Ron Paul 5-8-12

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Sheriff Mack, get a Twitter

Sheriff Mack, get a Twitter account already. If your running for public office and are not taking advantage of these simple social networking sites to get the word out then you are really doing yourself an disservice. I can understand if people are against it for the private lives but if your are running for public office?

I sent Sheriff Mack a small donation in order to

show him how much support he has throughout the U.S. - hope others will do the same even if RP can't. Wish we had a few hundred more just like him.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Sheriff,the beauty of it is

Sheriff,the beauty of it is that you can stand on your own merits and Ron Paul supporters will be supporting you regardless of an official RP endorsement.

I imagine the support behind Ron Paul is mostly in your corner as well. If what you are needing the endorsement for is a hopeful influx of campaign cash just ask and we'll see what we can do.

The Party has told Dr. Paul

That if he endorses a Republican against an incumbant Republican, he will be ki,ked out of the party.

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

I don't know about that actual comment Dave

but as I stated below, he would not be looked upon very well by his peers.

As another special note, Sheriff Mack -along with my candidate against Carter (r)- was selected by the GOOOH process (this is good). A larger issue with Sheriff Mack in Texas, is that he just moved to Texas in order to run against Smith (R and a criminal imo). He has never lived in Texas until this bid for office.

You need to understand that Texans have issues with that alone.

I will restate what I stated below, I FULLY Support Sheriff Mack and pray to God he wins, but we need to realize he stands on his own when it comes to a fight against a incumbant republican.

That issue came up some time ago

and the answer was a link to some article that I thought I'd saved. Sorry. The Sheriff is up against a lot and I wish him well. I don't get these Reps that not only sign off on these acts but actually are the ones that present them.

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.


The problem with this video is I am not hearing Sheriff Mack spell out what he has done for the Ron Paul camp the last 4 years to earn an endorsement ... to publicly call out Dr. Paul like this is very arrogant and really out of line!

The guy he is running against is a major enemy of liberty

Lamar Smith.

I dunno..if Mack's opponent

I dunno..if Mack's opponent is a republican..Ron has a THING about not endorsing anyone who is trying to take an incumbent's seat. He said he would just never do it..however, because of how the party has treated him, and because of how he never likes to speak in absolutes, and BECAUSE Mack is such an outstanding candidate, AND because the other guy voted for the NDAA, it would be nice if he made an exception one time.

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This reeks Dr. Paul. reeks.

This reeks Dr. Paul. reeks.

Cos Cob, CT

You can do

your homework but you will find that Sheriff Mack is the real deal. Met him at a Freedom Summit a few years ago.

As a fervent Ron Paul supporter, I am also a fervent Mack supporter. I too wish he were my Sheriff. I would love for him to be my Congressman,
Senator and more. I will put my FRN where my mouth is too.

Go Sheriff Mack.

I Love Sheriff Mack....he is

I Love Sheriff Mack....he is a GREAT Patriot.....he too would make a wonderful President.....Please Dr. Paul give this man your endorsement......he needs to win!!!


I know very little about this dude but from what I can find he makes me want to move to his district in TX (by the time I get there Dr. Paul will be retired). This guy seems amazing.

So... I'm gonna go donate now. I hope Doug Wead, Jack Hunter, Jesse... somebody from the campaign can ask Dr. Paul for permission to just throw out an email like they did for Massie in KY. ... I mean for the love of all that's holy, Mack is trying to run a primary challenge against the SOB that sponsored friggin SOPA!!

Aight, time to go put my FRNs where my mouth is. :)

Check out his web site

He really understands freedom and gun laws... willing to stand up against NDAA, Cispa, ect. We could use more like him. Written a couple books which I recommend reading and maybe sharing with the local sheriff to see if they will stand up for us when the feds come knocking.

Not sure but in my state we have the "Liberty Caucus Board

of the Republican Party". These people meet and interview candidates who are running for local and national spots. They review answers to questions they give out on a form they give to the candidates and they review resumes and they talk to friends of the candidate.

It may just be that you need to find the Liberty Caucus in your state that does this. My understanding is that once the Liberty Caucus Board reviews all this they endorse the candidate or not. The the candidate can put the endorsement on their website or advertising materials.


Don't be discouraged

Dont sweat it my friend, Paul has been crazy busy and bouncing all over the place. I would reccomend sending DR Paul a handwritten Formal letter asking for an endorsement.

Yay Ron Paul!!!!
Freeeeeeedom calls!!

I think

Paul really should come out and endorse Mack, maybe he has a reason I do not know. But Mack seems like a good guy to me and is certainly heads and shoulders above the incumbent he is running against.

The Abuse of Greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power. - Shakespeare

I'm Sorry to Hear This!

Wow the person that your running against sounds like not a Constitutionalist. You sound very dissapointed. Maybe some of your supporters could contact the Ron Paul campaign via his website.

If I was in your state I would vote for you and endorse you. Maybe he is unaware of you and all of the other Constitution candidates running. I wish you much success. Continue the fight for liberty.

I don't understand this.

Ron Paul endorsed Tim Huelskamp for U.S. Congress in 2010. Tim was a Kansas Senator running for the congressional seat of the big 1st district of Kansas. I was at Wichita earlier this year when Ron Paul and Sheriff Mack both spoke. It was exciting to hear both of them at the same event but this troubles me.

No offense to any one

But don't count on endorsements to make you...it is up to each of us to work as hard as we can. If Dr.Paul does endorse you great. If not.. I still support you and would tell others. Currently Dr.Paul is running fo president. If he does not win some how I can see him pointing out people just like you full time.

Just my opinion.

If for some reason he is

If for some reason he is legally bound not to endorse challengers to incumbents or if he simply has a personal policy that he set 20 years ago and intends to keep one more time about not doing so, the LEAST he should do is release a statement explaining what his policy is so that people can draw their own logical conclusions on these types of races.

"You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA

If this was brought to Dr. Pauls attention and he does nothing..

This is NO GOOD, This is not the first time..I know he's a VERY BUSY man but he must giveout double thumbs up to Liberty Lovers who are running against the system.. Come On Dr. Paul give up some LOVE and help get these guys/girls elected hey! THEY like you DESERVE IT!

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I absolutely Support Sheriff Mack

but if Ron endorses a republican running against a incumbant Republican, you draw the absolute IRE of the party. If he did that, there is no way in hell the GOP will get behind anything Ron did.

Sorry, but that is the plain truth.

WIN Sheriff Mack .... WIN

It's always about the party...

Screw "the party". I am sick of "the party".

Liberty is our bottom line. Liberty is what brings us together and binds us together.

We need to be on Liberty's side.

im pretty sure thats not true at all

Because I believe he has endorsed challengers to GOP incumbents before.

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It's egregious that Ron Paul

It's egregious that Ron Paul has not taken the time to endorse Sheriff Mack. This is the sort of thing that reminds me why I am only 99% sure that the good Dr. Is 100% for real.

Since I am maxed out for RP2012, I have donated to Sheriff Mack even though I'm in Connecticut. We all need to (a) let Ronnie know how we feel about this apparent snub, and (b) donate to Sheriff Mack, about whom I am 100% convinced is legit.

Cos Cob, CT

This is why I am 100% sure about Dr. Paul

If Dr. Paul does not want to endorse someone because Mitt Romney is still in this race, I cannot hold that against the good Dr.

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I Back

Saw him at the Tea Party Express event last Sunday.
I yelled "Sheriff Mack" as he walked by and saluted him. He turned and saluted and yelled "BACK MACK!"

I can't see any reason why Dr. Paul wouldn't endorse him either.


This is a good way to bring up the subject of Sheriff elections. There are many RP supporters who have law enforcement backgrounds that can win elections with our help.