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If everyone who voted for Keith Judd in WV had voted for Paul, Paul would have won!

I think the main problem we've been having all along is...WE HAVEN'T BEEN REACHING THE "BLUE REPUBLICANS"! We've been so busy trying to convert "establishment" Republicans and Romney supporters over to our side (a worthy endeavor, mind you) that we've been neglecting another equally important demographic...the disaffected moderate-to-conservative "Blue Dog" Democrats in places like WV, who are certainly not fans of Obama (as evidenced by the fact that Keith Judd, a Texas convict, received 40% of the primary vote there) but would never vote for an elitist "mainstream" Republican like Romney either.

These voters, actually, are probably a good deal more "open-minded" and easier to sway over to our side than the neocons are, at least in theory. And we missed our chance in WV. Had all of Keith Judd's voters decided to ask for a Republican ballot instead of a Democratic one, and voted for Ron Paul, Paul would have won the state by a comfortable margin. Instead, the Judd voters ended up showing up at the polls to protest Obama and politics as usual, only to end up wasting their votes on just another CROOK! That's a big opportunity they (and we) had, and missed.

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If that many people are

If that many people are willing to vote for a prison inmate without knowing anything about him, that just sort of makes me lose faith in democracy altogether.

Also, Ron Paul came in 3rd in

Also, Ron Paul came in 3rd in W. Va. despite there being two candidates running.