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I Did Not Know This: Platform Committee Meets The Week Before In Tampa

I just found out that the PLATFORM COMMITTEE meets the week BEFORE the convention in Tampa. That all this "Ron Paul supporters could affect the party platform" stuff we keep hearing about will actually happen BEFORE the Convention.

Elected Delegates to the RNC will have to vote within their state's Delegation as to who will be on each Committee. I suspect that most delegates won't know that the Platform Committee is the one that is really REALLY important. I also suspect that most "normal" people really won't want to do this because it will entail spending out of pocket - your own money to be in super expensive Tampa for not one but TWO WEEKS.

(of course more than half of my states delegates are career politicians and I'm sure this whole boondoggle to Tampa is a tax write off for them.)

So even if you can't go for the two weeks PLEASE MAKE SURE that the Platform Committee is well stocked with Ron Paul friendly delegates.

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Tampa Paulites

might be able to concoct some hostel-type accommodations, or direct people to campgrounds or other less-costly alternatives for lodging.

Let's get our heads together and figure out how to do this more affordably.


I in no way want to discourage work on the platform, and especially encourage participation because you'd be able to discuss the issues with delegates who might be won over by your arguments.

However, the platform is like the Constitution: they don't follow it.

The platform is, unfortunately, seen as a top-down, centrally planned attempt to enforce some kind of uniformity, and it works about as well as you'd expect.

As a document written by committee in a hurry, it is and always will be full of poor grammatic construction, contradiction, inconsistency, and conflicting views and goals.

The public, by and large, will never see it, and neither will most delegates.

While it would be wonderful to change it for the better and get headlines for it as a test of strength, as victories go, it isn't likely to be as valuable or lasting as one might hope.

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Front Page bump

Front Page bump

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

can you

provide more technical information and some links. This is pretty vague. Thanks

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

They only whittle down the

They only whittle down the list to the ones that the delegates will consider at the convention, and the delegates can make a motion at the convention to add any that they want. This is not a big deal.

This should be true. I hope

This should be true. I hope it is. This is how it usually goes. It all gets decided on ahead of time, printed out nicely, and then is put to a vote at Convention hoping everyone will just accept it in its entirety and get on with other business. I doubt it will go that way at ALL in Tampa..especially if something about NDAA or Agenda 21 is not in it.

I don't understand you Walty - what do you mean?

please re-state.
Thank you.

You will have proposed

You will have proposed platforms coming in from 50 different states, many of them say near the same thing but be worded 50 different ways. They will take these and try to combine them to cover all 50 versions in order to present one version to the group. If any Newt supporter submits a platform calling for a colony on Mars, they may eliminate that one and others that the majority on the committee do not care for, in other words some will get trashed, most will get consolidated. There may be a case were some are worded awkwardly, those may get reworded. The ones that make it through the committee will be presented to entire body of national delegates and be voted on. If any important ones were discarded by the committee, the national delegates can make a motion to add those and they can still be voted on, so it is NOT A BIG DEAL!

oh thank you. I appreciate your response Walty.

I still would like to see RP people on that Platform Committee.

Rules > Platform

Platform is good, and can be pointed to in a circular way, but our "leaders" tend to ignore it and "we" keep re-electing them.

Rules Committee is where it's at.

This is why it's costing me upwards of $2,000 to go to my TX State convention. I'll be there ALL WEEK, not just the 3 days of showtime. Hit all the committees and as a delegate, I can speak to them at the mic in the committee rooms and propose/argue things right there before the convention.

2 yrs. ago there were a Bunch of Paul people in the TX Platform committee room affecting the TX platform that then gets sent up to National.

Edit: This is also where a bunch of heated conversations happen and if you just show up for the showcase days you won't understand right away what the fusses are about.

Front page this please!

Front page this please!


If any Ron Paul delegates can't afford the two weeks

out of their own pocket, I'm sure we wouldn't have any problem helping them out. I'm glad we're getting on this ahead of time.

bump for importance!

reminder to the RP faithful delegates... DO NOT WORRY ABOUT FUNDING FOR TAMPA!!

We got you covered. :)

ok...but clue us in! We are planning fundraisers in my state

OK...but clue us in. We are planning fundraisers in my state for the Delegates and Alternates heading to Tampa.

Our first attempt is to hold a BINGO night at the local RP friendly pub using these:


while watching the news. Making it a drinking game as well as a fundraiser. At the very least we all should be wasted with the quickness! And don't worry cabs and designated drivers are already in the works!




Liberty Bump!

Liberty Bump!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

I've served on the State Platform Committee twice:

2008 & 2012, & also my County's PC those years as well. I've already told our Party Chair that I'd like to be on the National Platform Cmte. I think I'm the only Nevada Delegate with this experience.

So, right now, I'm ready to go & FIGHT for a LIBERTY Platform!!

Cynthia Kennedy, Nevada Delegate


Go get'em Cynthia Kennedy!! I hope to shake your hand in Tampa.

Excellent post. BUMP.

Excellent post. BUMP.


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Go Cynthia !

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...Everything CHANGED !!