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If We Don't Do It - Government Will

Purpose of putting this in the Liberty Forum:

In order to obtain our liberty we are going to have to learn how to care for each other without giving the "government" a way into every facet of our lives again. If we cannot change this about ourselves then we will be needing a bigger and bigger government as we get less and less mature as generations go on and on...

This rant was sent to someone who at first agreed to give me a ride and then backed out - obviously because they were too lazy to do get off their arse and give me a ride. Now I'm sure some will say "just forgive and forget" but the purpose of putting this out there is to make one very simple point:

If we don't do it - "Government" will.


Someone on this list just really pissed me off. They know who they are. If they want to come out and defend themselves - or admit the folly of their ways - they can either restore or further destroy my faith in mankind.

Are YOU on this list because you want to "get out of your responsibilities" or do you truly wish to self-govern - which is a REQUIREMENT of being sovereign. I want to make this very simple for folks to comprehend.

If we don't do it... "government" will. "Government" is more than happy to step up and do it and then collect taxes from you at gunpoint if you refuse to pay for the services they provide. There ARE some responsibilities to being sovereign.

1) Do not harm.
2) Do not steal.
3) Honor your contracts.

That third one is where most "would-be" sovereigns totally look like slaves to me. They are just wanna-be sovereigns who can never be until they GROW up and realize that their WORD is their BOND and nobody will like them and some will get downright ornery about them going back on it.

Follow the law - or just pay your dang taxes and stop pretending to be sovereign. If you don't know what the law is I just wrote it down 1, 2 and 3. Or you can go back to the 4 billion laws... hope you like reading.

That's it - rant over.

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