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What If Ron Paul Has A Majority of State Delegates at The RNC in Tampa?

He's already won 10 state delegate conventions....Louisiana will be the 11th.

7 state delegations will be composed of Gingrich and Santorum supporters.

14 state delegate conventions remain. Ron Paul will win most of them if the trend continues...

I think it is quite possible that Ron Paul delegates will be the majority vote on the dance floor in Tampa.

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FYI this was ill-researched

FYI this was ill-researched on Ben's behalf, as much as I appreciate his work. In Utah it was a very odd situation, and not at all directly comparable. The Utah delegates were elected as Romney delegates in a state that voted 90% for Romney even after he'd ceded. They were bound to McCain because he was the only one in the running. The situation here is quite different. Just something to keep in mind.

need 2/3rds to unbind

but if we can get to the second vote, look out, because all hell is going to break lose.

And I am going to let you in on a secret our people are masters at RRO and working the system, and we have some wicked Constitutional loving lawyers, probably a half bus load.

Should be a convention to remember.

I now believe we have a 50/50 shot at winning on the second vote.

I now believe we have a 70% chance for a brokered convention, better than 1976 when Reagan tried it. We have so many more stealth votes than Reagan did, it wasn't possible back then, it wasn't thought out and they did not have the net to implement it.

You cant get to the second

You cant get to the second ballot if you lost on the first ballot.

Currently the delegates are bound to the candidate that won them.

The only way to get around this is to abstain from voting, but the Ron Paul campaign has stated that they will follow the rules of the RNC and not force RP supporting delegates to abstain.

If they cant abstain and the bound delegates have to vote for the candidate that they are bound to, then what can they do to deny Romney the nomination on the first ballot?

Lets say Romney has 1144 delegates at Tampa and RP has 500 delegates. Of Romney's 1144 delegates, half of them are RP supporters and people who like RP.

The bound delegates have to vote for Romney cause its the rules and RP wont encourage delegates to abstain from voting because RP wants to follow the convention rules. If that happens, then Romney will have won the nomination.

This is a question that really needs to addressed.

What about the broken Rule 11? Any states that participated...

eg Michigan gets to have it's total number of delegates CUT IN HALF.


Source PLEASE this is new to

Source PLEASE this is new to me!!!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Republican party rules:


Karen, I missed that here somewhere! Good to know! Maybe that WILL be the ticket! :-)