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9 states left to vote after May 15th

Common everyone! Let's get moving!

These states are left

May 22, 2012

May 29, 2012

June 5, 2012
New Jersey
New Mexico
South Dakota

June 26, 2012

here is a PDF file with more details on delegates/conventions for all of the states: http://www.rnclife.org/delegates/2012/pdf/2012-National-Dele...

Map from RT (May 7th before NC, WA, IN) showing states won by Romney, Newt, Paul and Rick: http://oi49.tinypic.com/eploy1.jpg

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Since Rand won in Kentucky

does that mean Ron will do well tomorrow?

How is it looking in Nebraska?

are you all ready?

anyone from Nebraska?


11 more guys!



Let us NOT wait until last minute! For those states which primaries are coming up, please contact as many FaceBook and Meetup groups in those states as you can and offer your assistance. Have those groups further spread the word!

1. Ask folks if you can help print and mail to them delegate cards.

2. If anyone needs help on strategy, best proven way to approach voters, etc., offer your experience and what you have learned.

3. If some people reside on a border state, see if you or they can offer their neighbor boots on the ground support - ie: POLL WORKERS!!!. 1 day off of work or school is insignificant to winning this!

4. If you have signs, banners, Slims, SB's, bumper stickers, etc. collecting dust please ship them out to these states as soon as possible. Send whatever you have!

WE are the r3VOLution !

Ron! Paul! 2012!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

anyone from Oregon can give us an update

on how the campaigning is going up there (I'm in NorCal)?

As far as I can tell nothing

As far as I can tell nothing is going on here. No Ron Paul signs or bumper stickers. I saw one guy doing a sign wave by himself a few months back. Ron Paul has made zero stops here. I don't watch enough TV to know if they are running ads. I mailed my ballot in today, but didn't vote for any PCPs, because I couldnt find any info on who they supported. My whole family will vote for the good doctor, but I don't think the campaign sees Oregon as being worth contesting.

I should also say that I haven't seen signs or bumper stickers for the other GOP Candidates either. There is a lot of support for Obama, at least in the Portland area.

thanks for the update

was thinking ppl in Oregon would be more open to Dr. Paul. Is it a closed primary?

I live across the border in Longview

Buy Ron Paul stickers at ebay at cost. Stand on street corners handing them out and talking "Ron Paul". I personally recruited 60 supporters in Cowlitz County, another rabidly Demo-Liberal area like Portland. We ended up getting 8 delegates to state, Romney got 8 too and Santorum 5, Getrich got 2. We would have done much better except the Romney people had an early start (via a facebook group for Santorum supporters headed by the Romney organization) turning the Santorum supporters against us. We had the plurality and would have split the delegates with Santorum but the deceived ones would rather take only 5.

Is Longview in Washington?

thanks for the update.


40 miles north west of you right across the Columbia River from Rainer OR.