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INMATE Receives 40% of Vote In West Virginia Primary Against Obama Tonight. HA!

Wow..Talk about unpopular!

Barack Obama was not the only Democrat on the ballot on Tuesday in West Virginia's Democratic Presidential Primary. Keith Judd - also known as Inmate No. 11593-051 at the Federal Correctional Institution in Texarkana, Texas - was running against him.

Judd, who is serving out a 17.5 year sentence for extortion, currently has received 40 percent of the vote, with 83 percent of precincts reporting, according to The Associated Press. Obama currently has received 60 percent of the vote.


Sooo..I'm guessing we can go ahead and mark West Virginia down for a Dr. Paul win in November then, right? Gets better by the day.

And don't forget, not only did Dr. Paul win 2nd place in the Republican primary in New Hampshire back in January, he also won 2nd place in the DEMOCRATIC primary!!

We all know that President Obama won his party's primary in New Hampshire. What you may not know is that Obama only won 79.5% of the vote. Second place in the New Hampshire Democratic primary went to Ron Paul.