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An important message to Daily Paul members (new & old!)

This started as a response to a REPLY in a comment of another THREAD.

It became something more as you will soon find out! (italic text is mainly the response to the above!)

You feel like you are being treated unfairly for being a half hour member and that anyone else new would be treated just as unfairly. I came in here and not once have I been called out by the community for any shenanigans. I haven't even hit 2 weeks yet and have only gotten positive reaction.

If you come on here to support Ron Paul, then support the man. Don't try and spread your fear and confusion because NONE of us will have any of that. I came on here and started by reading to get a better grasp on what this site is about, educating myself on how the people conduct themselves here, and voting + bumping up threads I thought where important. Whether those threads where successful or not (99% were because I have common sense), I contributed in a harmless fashion and gained more knowledge on the community I want to assist in supporting the candidate I want to see succeed.

Not long after creating my account, I went and decided I wanted to assist more since I saw the effectiveness of the grass roots and how much their efforts have contributed to Ron Paul's successes. So I created a series of threads to provide news, information, tools, and a place to congregate for 5 primary states. Whether they were effective or not is besides the point. I was doing what I could to bring more order. We are known for being well organized and I came here with the intent of doing this at no matter the cost... because it's not about picking the lesser of two evils. I stand for something. Ron Paul stands for something. WE STAND FOR SOMETHING.

No matter the cost, win or lose, we are all fighting for our beliefs and what we think is morally correct. I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world! The question is, why would you?

And Ron Paul's rEVOLution has become an omnipotent force. I think it is bigger than any of us can actually really comprehend. Sure, we have the DP with a large chunk of the core that composes the grassroots! But we are only that! A chunk of a core. This revolution is much much much bigger than this site alone and we should all do well to remember that!

To new Daily Paul members (like myself):

- Stay informed: Just like any other forum, we get hit with trolls too. Unlike other forums, we are coordinating efforts to aid a political candidate for our next PRESIDENT at a grass roots level. We have something at stake, with people that want to cause confusion and disinformation. ALWAYS use common sense, check the status of the thread (if it has low or high votes), and DEFINITELY check the comments! That thread with the terrible news might just be a load of bull crap.

- Don't jump the gun with opinions. If you just created an account, chances are likely that you are either a troll, don't know much about recent events, or are unaware to how our grass roots efforts here operate! Take your time and become familiar! Assist all you can and if it will make you feel more comfortable, follow my example as described above!

To old Daily Paul members:

- Not much I need to say! You all know what's up and I know where you stand! It's Ron Paul or bust! And even in the case of a bust, we still won... just in a much different manner! You know what I mean! :P I guess all I can add is: don't lose your fire! This fight is far from over! :) I would recommend linking trolls and non-trolls alike to this thread! Bookmark it and use it! We can weed out the trolls from honest newbies with this thread!

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Welcome! Keys to succesful DP'ing

In my humble opinion:
Sincerity (If you're new or a Romney/Obama/whatever supporter, dont hide your true motives, be open about it, we appreciate it, nobody is banned for being wrong :)
Have a thick skin and don't get offended
Back up what you have to say
Steer clear of personal attacks
Stay on topic and in the spirit of this site
Encourage and support those doing good
Get involved both here and in the real world
Tell us your success stories
Offer your expertise and knowledge
Ask and answer meaningful questions to the best of your ability
Don't be afraid to be corrected or entertain a new idea
Keep an open mind, but don't let it fall out :)
Don't be a debbie downer(not to be confused with realistic or practical)
Don't let anything douse your fire. Never give up! This may be a 50 year fight or more so keep your perspective on things.
And if you still don't quite feel comfortable posting yet the best advice is always lurk more. Take your time and get to know how things work here.

Do these things and you'll be just fine. You'll have very little trouble, unless you're looking for it you little scamp. lol In that case do the complete opposite of this list, our mod team will be standing by :D cheers!

and always be mindful

And always be mindful that Ron and Carol and their whole family reads the Daily Paul (as does the msm and our opponents). You may want to avoid using language that you wouldn't use in the presence of Carol Paul who, in the near future, very well may be First Lady and/or First Mother to the President of the United States.

The msm and our opponents lurk here for info and creative ideas.



You might be a troll if...

You might be a troll if you have been a member for 2 minutes and you...

  • make ridiculous/false comments and then when called out you ask:
    “Why was I down-voted?”.
        —>The Civility Troll<—
  • pretend you agree with everyone, but then come up with some sham concern.
        —>The Concern Troll<—
  • you criticize any possibility of vote and/or election fraud occurring simply because Fox News hasn't informed your lazy a$$ about it.
        —>The Already-Well-Informed Troll<—
  • are asked a simple question and you respond:
    “Nah, I'm only here to discuss topic XYZ”
        —>The Mono-Topic Troll<—
  • create your very own thread, before reading anything else, to discuss delegate strategy.
        —>The Shazad<—
  • use profanity in your first post
        —>The silent-agent-who-can’t-resist-blowing-his-own-cover-troll<—


Rewrite it with a little respect and suggestions.


We do have a choice

We do NOT have to choose between the lesser of the two evils as the media and the establishment would have us believe. NOT this time around. We have the information at our fingertips now and there is no reason to continue with the charade these compromised and corrupted politicians play. Ron Paul is the only candidate citing real solutions to the mess these criminals have gotten us into.

Be careful with assumptions

Parts of this post are good, but there are many parts to which I take exception.

First, as someone else stated below, just because a person has a new account here, it does not mean that they are clueless, or uneducated about Ron Paul. My account is relatively new (a couple months), and I haven't made many posts, but uneducated about Ron Paul I am not. I have been following RP since 96, when he returned to Congress. I have lived in his district since 98. I have followed his Congressional record and updates he put out since 96. I had an email exchange with him about a beautiful floor speech he made in 97. I have a sign in my front yard, and I will vote for no one but Paul for President.

Do not quickly or lightly apply the appellation "troll". Genuine, good-faith disagreement does not indicate that someone is a troll. The statement in the post about "spreading your fear and confusion" galls me. If someone has fear and confusion, in good faith, then help them along. Yes, there are trolls, but be careful not to drive people away.

Disagreement must be allowed to flourish here. We must maintain our wits about us. Uncritical acceptance of all good news and uncritical dismissal of bad news is not helpful. Enthusiasm yes. Cult of personality, no.

And please, I3ladeDragon, if you want people to take you seriously, cool it with the arrogance. This little aside: "because I have common sense", gives me pause.

Not meaning to offend!

I didn't say that they WERE clueless or uneducated. But with the influx of those who've just woken up, I said it was LIKELY. There are exceptions to everything. Hell, Doug Wead could have just made an account and I'd be venturing far to call him clueless or uneducated. I probably could have worded things better.

I don't use troll quickly or lightly. I call someone out if it is obvious on it. I don't know what prompts you to say that I've labeled someone a troll that is in good faith disagreement. I was just pointing out that trolls on this site are invasive on a vital issue in an effort to sway those who are generally newbies away. I don't understand how I am driving people away, rather than making sure they stay?

I understand the difference between valid good news and valid bad news. In my original post, I stated that bad news could be a load of bull and that people should do their research to make more informed decisions instead of jumping on board the disinformation and freaking out.

It may have been a little arrogant to say "because I have common sense". Wrong word choice? I guess what I meant to say is that I am very methodical and don't jump the gun. There is a reason for just about everything I do here and I try to maximize the productivity.

I might rewrite the OP later to be more specific with the points I am trying to come across with in a manner in which my intentions won't be skewed. Thnks for the feedback! :)

The Most Important & Relevant Speech of Our Time!
Just 2 steps, be the media!!!

So... is it weird that I now have a man-crush on you?


Seriously though when I move back to TX in a few years it occurred to me that moving to the 14th district would probably be a great idea since the folks there have enough sense to keep Dr. Paul around until he decided to retire. Y'all clearly have your sh*t together

new comers aren't just welcome- they're NEEDED !

We've seen first hand for some time the kind of damage that mis-information causes. Nobody knows the damage that lies and cheating and trolling can do to a campaign like Ron Paul supporters know. And now is just the time the trolls will be out in force. It is good that we are vigilant in spotting them or we'd lose precious ground from the damage they can cause. That said, all new-comers should feel welcome. WE NEED YOU MORE THAN EVER. Just know not to take any attacks personal. Hang in there- every week that you are here, the more trust you will earn. You're here because you know of the corruption that would try to derail us- please understand why you'd get jumped on for expressing well-meaning counter-points. Its not personal : )

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Grain of salt

I would recommend for new users to create an account and then lurk for a bit. I lurked for about a year before signing up, but then that was probably too long.

Or just be polite. This is the most polite place on the Internet.

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The world is not black and white

I would love to see Ron Paul become president. I did all I could to make that happen. What I saw and heard in that process is more than I can type out in a few minutes - or a few weeks.
I was a doe-eyed apolitical "sheep" when I got into politics for Ron Paul, in 2008. I won't even get into what I saw at the national level, I will stick to local politics. When we lost in 2008 we expected it, and the push was to make inroads locally. I did, got in cozy with the GOP in Idaho. While I was trying to start grassfires, I managed to cross a local politician. Rather than join forces with me and help channel my "newbie" energy, he stabbed me in the back and fought me at every turn. He is the big hero this year, making videos where he introduces himself as "Idaho's most effective political activist." The "coalition" he built in the GOP consisted of kissing the butt of 2 men in Idaho's GOP who do not endorse RP, do not talk like RP, do not share any of the important views of RP. But they have "big names" so everyone followed them blindly, and helped them change our primary into this debacle of a caucus.
We could have taken this state, fair and square. I won't begin to enumerate the screw ups, but I am going to spit this out:
SIGN WAVES DO NOTHING BUT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD. I will leave that at that. Instead of winning Idaho, we were handed our butts and now are expected to go to the Convention and try to "suspend the rules" to win delegates. Read the article for yourself, this strategy is being used to make Ron Paul supporters look like back-stabbing, dirty politicians, and I am sure you will see that repeated at every turn. While vote and election fraud plays out right under their noses, Americans are being told Ron Paul supporters are playing dirty and disenfranchising them. You say even if we lose, we win. I say even if we win, we lose. This is about doing the RIGHT thing, not picking the lesser of 2 evils, right? It is about a message, not a White House, right?
Then TRUTH needs to trump political agendas. Everybody has a pet issue - the Fed, the war, the immigration policy.... but what is destroying our nation and our world can be summed up in one word: LIES.
I don't know what to say about Ron Paul any more. I honestly think he is one of the finest humans on the planet, but he "has to" play politics and I see no redemption at all without TRUTH being the heart of the effort.
Here is how game playing is biting the local politicans in the butt:
Rod Beck is supposed to be an ally, as is Raul "Israel First" Labrador.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I'm not sure what all

you are talking about (I haven't been involved in the political process very long). But I wanted to address two issues you brought up. First--the sign wave. Signs will do some good when used as a draw to talk to people. This is what we use them for.

Secondly, my brother, his wife, and my sister went to Idaho for the Caucus. They said that everyone they talked to (at gas stations, stores, on the street, etc.) said that they were voting for Paul, or wanted him to win, or all family and friends were voting for Paul. The polls confirmed this as well. So, I imagine the voting was rigged. My brother said they were not allowing anyone to video the results (something about national security). He also said that when the "caucus watchers" reported the results from their precincts, they did not match what the news was saying. So, if the popular vote was rigged, what choice did the RP campaign have?

I'm no "yes man" for anyone, but if the rules allow it, it's probably for situations just such as this. Whaddya think?

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I can only speak for Canyon County

We were legitimately handed our a$$e$. I can also say the phone calls I made indicated that the polling numbers were reflective of the population.
People wave signs at intersections - who stops and talks to someone at an intersection? PHONE CALLS and DOOR TO DOOR - that is how you win voters and turn out the vote.
Most Idahoans DO love Ron Paul, but they will not vote for him. Idaho is the home of "Aryan Nations" and while everyone wants to think they are just a bunch of whackos, there are a lot of well educated and well informed people in that group. Idaho is the home of Ruby Ridge - it does not take a "conspiracy theorist" for an Idahoan to believe in government malice. And most Ron Paul supporters, at least around here, are truthers. A lot of them let truth take a back seat, but there are a handful of key people who made Idaho stand out last time, and they have crawled into the woodwork and are waiting for TEOTWAWKI at this point, and I am thinking they are the smart ones. There is one really awesome guy - truly our closest thing to "Ron Paul" is a little-known name who gave up and turned Democrat because the GOP RP people would not help him on key legislation, it was "too controversial" (A state bank was the main thing he wanted to do.)
Ron Paul support is being stolen in other little ways. I don't know how many supporters told me "I can't vote, I got busted with weed" but it was way too many.
I am "off my leash" to be here commenting. My daughter is now using my politics and "racism" (from a child who knows better but can't tell the difference between the Jewish race, the Judaic religion and the Zionist political agenda) has got me pretty well silenced. I don't make political videos at all, and I no longer comment on "risky" sites. Like this one. (Before you call me a coward, go watch the Kay Griggs interview and understand that is not so far from my situation.)
I can never know how much of my life is just my life, and how much is because I stood up and put a target on my chest, but I have been through hell. I did "Show me the note" all the way to court where the judge listened attentively for hours, then acted like we were deadbeats whining about a "national crisis" rather than turn to the BofA guy and say "Show her the damn note." I promote aquaponics, give fish away - nearly got Fish and Game out here for it. The IRS went back to old taxes and said they found an error, and I need to send them money, lots of money. My meetup got hi-jacked by some guy who just slanders me - I banned him so he started a competing one and continues the slander. But most of all, my grandbabies may be in very serious danger. Maybe nothing but a really big misunderstanding, but my gut tells me I am in so far over my head that all i can do is crawl in a hole and hope there is a god somewhere who gives a damn about innocent children.
And I will never know - how much of this is related? But I know I am not the only one whose life got torched after 2008, and those people still wear "Ron Paul" T shirts but they will not go vote. And some of them consider Ron Paul part of the cover up at this point. Maybe Idaho is just an oddball state, but it seems to me like we are the forefront of liberty. We took 1/4 of the vote in 2008, and his support has only grown here, yet his voter-base has shrunk.
Sorry for the long ramble. I hope Wead has something good up his sleeve, or I suspect Ron Paul supporters will go down as a footnote in history as "crazy conspiracy theorists who tried to overthrow the legitimate Republican Party."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Wow I feel for you

I can only imagine what Dr Paul must be going through knowing that his family is in danger at all time because just like you they support him in plain site and all are targets just like Ron. I admire him so much to keep on being a true patriot and not be afraid of the establishment thugs.

Be safe Patriots!

"Lies run sprints but the Truth run marathons" MJ

As a relative newcomer and

As a relative newcomer and absolute outsider I find DP one of the most fascinating communities I have found online (and I've been online for a long, long time). Truly inspiring, so many thanks to everyone that makes a positive contribution here and most of all Michael Nystrom for his tireless effort in keeping the place running as well as it does.

I'd say, don't worry about the trolls. Any good forum has it's trolls and our movement most of all should be open to all kinds of information, opinion and debate. Let's cherish the disagreements we have, that's where our energy comes from and the true strength of the movement and our ideas. If you want to frame in a way that speaks to Tea Party christians, you can. If you want it to speak to more left-wing oriented folks, you can. And everything in between. We are the only movement that speaks to everyone.. and so we should.

And to all the delegates and other boots on the ground: much respect and keep on keeping on!

You can't really tell who is new

I just joined yesterday. However, I have been lurking for years. I am an avid Ron Paul supporter since 2007 and have participated in spreading the word via in person, you tube, live leak, and Facebook. I think you can tell Obamaney folks right off the bat.

Good news is that they obviously consider us and Dr. Paul a threat. And we most certainly are, so let freedom ring.

This is an intellectual revolution, and the truth is learned and NEVER told. Keep fighting the good fight.

No One But Paul.

To the Romney folks... Wake up, you and your children and their children's children will suffer unless you grow a pair.

In Liberty,


Let us disappoint the Men who are raising themselves upon the ruin of this Country. John Adams

Yup! Ron Paul or bust!

Newbies are always welcome and if they turn out to be trolls they show their stripes immediately.

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!


Pretty much! :)

The Most Important & Relevant Speech of Our Time!
Just 2 steps, be the media!!!