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Delegate strategy can win, but we must generate the delegates in remaining primaries!

The May 8th Republican Primary elections are teaching moments. Notice how up until now Romney generally did not win by a majority. Now that Santorum's out of the race, I'd hoped that there'd be a better split between RP and MR, but there's not. The media's driving the formerly non-Romney vote away from RP like cattle to the slaughterhouse. We must stop this. Why? Because popular majorities in the remaining primary states will give Romney the 1144+ clinch-count he needs. It also lessens the margin of error the RP campaign will have during the convention.

The delegate strategy will work since that's the real election; however, we must first generate the delegates in the remaining primary states. In terms of our strategy, these states are still in play. The remainder of the country doesn't think so, and is therefore not paying attention. Point of order: This produces low voter turnout. While RP people have been heroes turning out for delegate conventions, RP voters have been staying home, and evidently, RP precinct activists haven't been convincing non-Romney voters to go to RP NOT Mitt Romney. So this is what I propose...

Ron Paul activists and delegate-wanna-be's need to get out there and knock on doors, convincing non-Romney voters to vote Ron Paul instead of accepting the lesser of two evils. Remember, it was not long ago that the battle cry within the "anyone but Obama" was also qualified with "anyone but Romney"! We need to keep that sentiment alive and convince them RP is their man.

OK, so how do you spot a non-Romney voter? Team up with TEA parties that are not compromised with GOP operatives. Use 9/12 Project groups and other conservative patriot groups. Use previous primary voter records to identify those who voted anti-establishment GOP last time. And yes, even possibly get with the Dems in open primary states to crossover. Lastly, ask questions of people before letting them know who you are. I'm sure with a couple well placed questions at the door, you can tell who's going to be open to the conversation and who is already a GOP establishment zombie.

If you agree with this, please pass it along your personal RP networks. Let's get this out there for the states that still matter while there's still time. These states are:

5/15/2012 - Nebraska, Oregon
5/22/2012 - Arkansas, Kentucky
5/29 - Texas
6/5 - California, Montana, NJ, New Mexico, South Dakota
6/26 - Utah

The closer it is to the Republican Convention in Tampa, the less time county delegates will have to prepare to dominate their local and state conventions. Better to try and win these states with the popular vote. Remember, if Romney wins a majority in the first round of voting in Tampa, all is lost!

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hand em out, get em out, put em out, take em out


a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

A couple things

I found yesterday. According to the votes and with Santorum and Gingrick on the ballot, some did not know Santorum and Newt dropped out. Too many votes for those two unless they are sending a message to both candidates that they will not vote Romney.

Also, people did not have time to read on Ron Paul just before voting. If you can get the information out ahead of time, and I highly recommend SoverignJanice's comparison sheet, the better.

Some were looking for the Romney alternative and once I showed them Ron Paul's name (used the cards and brochures), they made up their mind then. They didn't have time to read the information but they had the alternative when going in.

We had delegates who had to campaign (not uncontested) on small cards. There were 26 delegates on the ballot, vote for 18. I told them if they wanted to stop with just the "card" list, we would appreciate it. Sometimes they asked who delegates supported and I told them. But basically, it was a relief they didn't have to vote the full 18.

Also, on some ballots, the delegates were listed last and the ballot had to be turned over to even see them. Most I talked to didn't understand the delegate process. Kind of upset that their vote wasn't going to count--only the delegates. I explained that they got their vote to count by voting on these delegates.

Another thing was the stance on Israel. They liked RP except for this. I went through all the "bribes" we've been giving to the surrounding dictators of Israel. Last line, God is going to take care of Israel. If Israel needs our help, it will ask for it. And added "Congress" makes the case for war, not an executive order.

I'm not understanding the Romney count. There were a few people that waved me off but most just wanted a name that wasn't obama.


Word Seems To Travel Fast

Word seems to travel fast when Ron Paul makes an appearance. He has drawn 4,200 to over 8,000 people.

We need those same people to help at the upcoming primaries.

Facebook, have another Meetup, email all of your contacts and have them do the same.

We MUST have people on the ground working. 1 day off of work, school, etc. is insignificant to what can be won!




"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

hate to burst your bubble

but these Popular votes are Rigged buddy. Not to say getting the message of liberty out is a waste of time respectably. but its much more effective to register your friends as Republicans and bring them to your state conventions.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Mutual bubble bursting...

Uh, this is the exact point: If supporters show up at the polls with as much numbers and enthusiasm as they are at conventions, there'd be more control on our side, duh! ;)

Final point is still true: If Romney gets initial majority of delegates for first round vote (which comes from the primary results on initial committals), it's over. There will be no RP strategy at the convention anymore, and this will burst not only your bubble, but everyone else's too. Just sayin...

Paul "Revere" Peterson
Constitutional Patriot
Internet Columnist

"It takes more than a few minutes to develop a proper argument."

What's interesting is that

What's interesting is that you have been a member here for 2 days and this is your ONLY post. This type of trend is growing, the educated about how one is nominated isn't falling for the propaganda.

Romney's delegate number DO NOT represent actual people, it is what is called virtual delegates rather than ACTUAL DELEGATES. There is a huge difference. Just like PRESUMPTIVE nominee and ACTUAL nominee.

Your point doesn't matter, if...

Romney gets majority in first round. Convention could have nothing but RP people in it, but the still MUST vote to reflect the primary in the first round of voting. Please know your rules before naysaying. We're supposed to be pulling on the same rope in the same direction here. If you can't do that, stop throwing turds in the punch bowl. We're supposed to be doing that to the GOP establishment.

Doesn't matter how long I've been "on here". I've been an operative for liberty for many years now. We liberty-minded do not have to explain ourselves to anyone. It only matters that we're contributing. your attitude seeks to hinder that. Therefore, I question your motives. There are many GOP hacks infiltrating such sites for the express purpose of creating chaos. Better for you (if you're actually with us) to remain silent than to blast the site with cynicism, unless you're intention is to discourage people. If the latter, then perhaps we should count you with the aforementioned GOP hacks or even Progressives.

"By their deeds you shall know them."

Paul "Revere" Peterson
Constitutional Patriot
Internet Columnist

"It takes more than a few minutes to develop a proper argument."

Mr. or Mrs. Internet Columnist...

The word is out. Ron Paul's delegates MUST (he he he) abstain during the first round of voting.