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Wanna see a cool trick?

We have about a dozen precincts in my county. I put up signs and passed out super brochures most of the day. My precinct had TWICE the Paul votes over the others!
The link below has an option for "custom filter"
I worked the "Boonville" precinct...compare the numbers:

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What am I supposed to see here/looking at/for

Geaux Tigers and Go Blue

This link takes you...

To my county election results. If you look for the custom filter you are able to click on "all" on the left and different precincts on the right. NC was about 11% for Paul and my county (Yadkin) was about the same. However I put signs out in Boonville along the road and at the polls. I took my Yorki and decked her out with RP stickers and I gave most voters a super brochure, discussed Paul and asked for their vote. The Boonville precinct was 19.5% for Paul! (almost double the other precincts in the county). I'm not bragging but proving that "working the polls" is very effective! If only Texas & California could cover EVERY precinct...WOW!

the difference between his precinct

where he promoted Ron Paul actively and the other precincts.

It makes a huge difference when we work the polls.

News Report

I can see it now: "Ron Paul folks are now hijacking the public against democracy by HANDING OUT information that we didn't tell the people in our news broadcast." "The GOP is sending lawyers to try and subvert their attempt by discounting any voters who have received this unauthorized material." "..back to you john"

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Thanks for the comments

It's exciting to see all the bits & pieces coming together. Small victories like this are nice but it's much more amazing to see Ron Paul people overcoming the trickery at the state conventions (fake slates etc.) This shows how well things can go!

Very Cool Trick

It's one that most people can do, but one that I would never get tired of seeing over and over again :-)

I got the same results at the 2 precincts that I worked - RP delegates won by landslide. The only difference is I never said who the delegates were for :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I can feel the

Ron Paul r3VOLution happening in Boonville!

Way to go! Great effort!

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