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@"The Ron Paul Uprising" - Now! Video http:/ronpauluprising.com/

A Debbie Lewis and William Lewis Film


In the United States of America, what is sacred to you?

- Limited Central Government
- Right to Privacy
- Freedom of Speech
- Free Will to Practice Chosen Religion
- Individual right to own guns
- Unencumbered Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness

The Ron Paul Uprising enlightens the viewer about
a score of information:

- Presidential Character – what should we look for?
- Why is Ron Paul running for office?
- What do some of the other hopefuls bring to the table?
- Is Vote Fraud a real issue?
- and so much more...

Is there a Candidate who understands his role in government?
We believe there is!


Voting Records (Obama, Bachmann, Paul, Santorum)

Ron Paul Leaflet -- Page 1
Ron Paul Leaflet -- Page 2

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