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Need Security Solutions, Robbery/ Break-in 4 Times In Last 8 Months! Need Help!

Hey Everyone, couple quick things.

I am blown away by the energy, compassion and level of commitment that I have been exposed to here.

I had been aware of Dr. Paul for a wile but did not really study or come to accept many of his policy stances until June of 2011.

Since then I can tell you my ENTIRE outlook on life has changed. From a Negative to a Positive, complete 180. I understand our problems and do not discount them one bit but I am eternally grateful that I, know what they are and continue evolving ideas as to, how to best do my part to fix them.

That being said, I have an issue I MUST deal with and SOON.

I have been living in Houston for about a year now, I was in Galveston for 4 years prior to that. Since August 2011, I have had, my house broken into/robbed 3 times and my car broken into on once. Last night being the most recent, it was quite traumatic as it was the first time someone has broken in while we were home, asleep.


Now I believe in Personal responsibility and am fully aware that Police DO NOT prevent crimes, but rather clean them up.

I do not wish to lock my self in my room and never come out either, I think that is a big theme going around here... i.e. I am opposed to giving up my LIBERTY for SECURITY.

That being said, I have moved once, installed, alarm sensors on my doors, windows and garage doors. Set up motion sensor lights outdoors and filed for my concealed carry license. These are all things that, for the most part, do not really inhibit my activities in life.


What do some of you do for personal security? I live with my two 1st cousins, who are practically my sisters and I, as the Man of the House feel as if I need to provide some other means of security.

I was thinking of setting up some type of plan, but I don't really know where to start, so I'm starting HERE.

I would GREATLY appreciate ANY and ALL help/ suggestions.

Thank you, God Bless and Stay Free.

P.S. I know this is a little off topic, and by some may be considered a distraction from the main goal we all have which is to get Dr.Paul Elected but I turned here FIRST FOR A REASON.

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From my experiences...

just about everything can and will fail. I would suggest a safe room and a pistol/shotgun. A safe room could be your bedroom modified to at least give yourself enough time to grab your firearm and wake up to the invasion. Have a peep hole to see how you can best counter the invasion and if forced entry to your safe room is eminent. Also, keep your cell phone in you safe room at night so that you can alert police but, don't assume that they will save you. If you have an illegal firearm or have local/state laws against weapons...get one anyway and adhere to the age old addage..."Better to be judged by 12 than to be carried by six."

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Most burglars hate dogs. But

Most burglars hate dogs. But many dogs do not guard the house, so you need to make sure you get one that will bark and defend. The cats hate the dog to begin with but always learn to love them in the end, if the dog is a reasonable one. My favorite guard pet is a pot-bellied pig, actually. I have had two. They are at least twice as smart as a dog or cat, are EXTREMELY protective and totally freak everyone out when they do their protective stuff. They grow a bit large to be inside the house, but they are fantastic guard animals and companions if you raise them like a kid and not a dog. They hold no human as their "master". They must be trained with distraction and food--NO yelling nor hitting.

I have been robbed several times myself.It is a horrible and vulnerable experience, especially if you have a dog that would lick them to death and help them carry stuff to their car if he could..so sorry.

Dogs are simply a warning device

Dogs are and will always be just a warning device.

I have two German Shepards

Who would love to prove you wrong hehe

I have one German Shepard

I have watched him crush the large bones from the pet store. I understand that the German Shepard dog has a per square inch bite force second only to the wolf. I have no doubt he could tear a persons arm off, if motivated to do so. I Have the Ithaca 12 gauge pump as backup. Then there is my brother-in-laws subtle system, keep every door UNLOCKED, national rifle asso stickers on all the doors and windows. A motion detector in the central larger room without an alarm, have it on a tweeter speaker with the sound of a 12 gauge pump loading. This actually worked, a few years ago they were awakened at night to the sound of braking glass. At the sound of the speaker, the burgler actually dove through a closed glass window to get out. True story.


And learn how to use it.simple as that.

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I have couple of chihuahuas...

... they are a good for a early alert system! I can rest well knowing no squirrels or possums will not get into my castle... lol J/k

Seriously they are great and hear everything.

If you can get a German Shepard or large dog as well. I can't since I live in a small studio apartment. I also suggest each of you get your own handguns and also a shotgun for the house and store them in a secure gun safe when your not home if possible or hide them somewhere where they will be hard to find.

Good luck.


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Get a mountain lion as a house pet?

(Kaptain Inappropriate Strikes Again!)

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Look into adopting a retired police or military dog. ;)

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How about a big sign that

How about a big sign that says this house protected by flamethrower

Watch this video, it will

Gun, gun training, dog and as the guy below says.. gun signs

In that order.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

get you a couple of

"Security Provided by SMITH & WESSON" signs , then get a smith & wesson and learn how to use it.


I am so sorry but glad you have not been harmed.

Did the alarm system you have set up go off?

Think deterrent - what would be the best deterrent?

A doberman or pitbull strategically placed? Beware of Dog signs? Something that sacres the poop put of the perp as soon as he attempts anything.

Be careful.

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Thanks Joe, I really appreciate it

I will have to give that some thought. I do not currently have a dog but I am thinking of getting one, the only problem is my cousins have two cats and idk how they would react...

The alarm did go off, It did a 15 second beeping countdown to the siren (I was awaken before the siren started) and I think that is what scared him/her away, because, when I made it out of my room, there was no one there, door open, and gate to the yard was open also.

On my drive to work today, I was thinking of setting up some tactical type strobe lights, facing the front and back doors, that will go off if the doors are breached to help deter the perpetrator or some sort of perimeter I could set up with lasers in my yard so I would know when someone crossed the line.. idk its just nerve wrecking!!!

Don't stop believing

Frankly, it sounds like one

Frankly, it sounds like one of your neighbors is breaking in to your property. They know when you are there more than anyone.

What an awful thing!

I'm so sorry that you have experienced this over and over again. What a horror story! Sad to say, a lot of what makes your home a target might have to do with it accessibility and location. For example, my home sits on a cul--de-sac where there is only one way in or out from the front and in full view of the neighbors. The back sits on a canyon with thick brush which makes it very difficult to approach. Look at your house as a potential criminal might, and ask yourself why it is targeted and not others around it. Another example might be if it's on a corner with multiple getaway routes and where there are windows and such that are not easily visible by the neighbors. Maybe there are bushes concealing the house from street view. But regardless of that, with the kinds of problems you are experiencing if you do not wish to move (and who wants to be chased away by criminals?) I must concur that the only solution might be to get yourself a good dog. If you are not familiar with dog training it might be possible to get one already trained, but you would still have to learn how to keep the training active. A good dog is not the passive pet that a cat is and requires much maintenance, but it can be well worth it. As far as your cats go....well, your dog and your cats will easily get used to one another over quite a short time, especially if you introduce the dog in such a way to make it easy for the cats. One way is when the dog first arrives it is kept apart from the cats separated by a door where they can sense each other and explore scents and minimal contact in a non threatening way while they get used to one another. A little effort and research will got a long way along these lines, but dogs and cats live together all the time and come to be great friends. Good luck in your attempts to secure your home, but I think that given your previous problems to this point your enemies are not afraid of your alarm of your present security measures. A well trained dog will keep people out of your house.