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Good Riddance To 'ANTI - GUN' Richard Lugar

Good Riddance To 'ANTI - GUN' Richard Lugar

By Mike Piccione
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Richard Lugar, who has been a fixture in Washington, DC since 1976, has been defeated by Indiana state Treasurer Richard Mourdock for the Republican nomination for the US Senate. Mourdock will give gun owners a strong voice on Capitol Hill.

Senator Lugar has a long record of being anti-gun. The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action compiled this list of Lugar’s attempts to restrict our Second Amendment rights:

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Tell me when the NRA stops supporting Harry Reid


True, NRA didn't endorse a candidate in the 2010 NV Senate race

despite Reid's confirmation of Sotomayer and Kagan , and his opponent being Tea Party Republican NRA Life Member Sharron Angle.

Even by the NRA's own rating system, Angle's "A" beats Reid's "B".


Failing to issue an endorsement in this race was tacit (and cowardly) support of the status quo (AKA Harry Reid).