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Lloyd Marcus -The ultimate appeal to persuade fellow blacks to stop voting Democrat

Black America, how's that monolithic forty years of loyalty to the Democrats thing workin' out for ya'?

The ultimate appeal to persuade fellow blacks to stop voting Democrat

Candidly, I have struggled with this for years; how best to explain why I am a black conservative and why fellow black Americans should join me.

I served on a board with an extremely bright black mom. Both of her kids, a boy and a girl, are brilliant; her son received a full scholarship to Yale.

This black mom is well-read on “whiny” black liberal authors and philosophers. I am talking about the majority of black authors you see featured on mainstream TV. They sound extremely intellectual, explaining how white America is still systematically abusing blacks and why more heavily funded government programs are the answer. I feel like screaming at my TV, “Knock it off! Bottom line is you hate white people and are seeking more entitlement government freebies!” Such needy victim rhetoric has NOTHING to do with, nor does it achieve REAL, “black empowerment.” Frankly, these people turn my stomach.

As I said, the black mom is extremely well-read on victim-hood peddling black authors and has never heard of brilliant black conservatives Professor Walter Williams and Dr. Thomas Sowell.

much more good stuff here:



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There is a general misunderstanding

among many blacks that the Civil Rights Act was passed by Democrats, because it was signed by Johnson.
But in fact, there were not enough Democrats in favor of the Civil Rights Act, and it couldn't get passed until a block of Republicans came together with them and pushed it thru. If not for the Republican votes, it wouldn't have passed.

But since the Presidents get the credit for the legislation, the common thought is that it was a Democrat/Johnson thing.
So, they vote Democrat to "reward" the Dems for passing it.

I would mention the welfare thing, but I would probably get called "racist", so I'll leave that unmentioned.

This was the theme of the "newsletters".

The Ron Paul Political Report that has been so maligned and condemned as racist by the socialist media dealt with exactly the same issues as this excellent article by Lloyd Marcus. Ironically Mr, Marcus' article is immune to challenge as being racist, as the newsletters have been, simply because it is written by a black author.

I have often defended the content of the newsletters I have read as being critical of the affirmative action programmes of the socialist agenda not of the minorities who are oppressed by them in the name of group rights. In fact they are anti-racist since they were written in the spirit of libertarianism in defence of individual rights and pointing out the follies of group rights. These welfare programmes for African Americans are both racist and paternalistic. They have even been called to account by African American critics for creating an Uncle Sam's Plantation .

This is why I have often been disappointed by supporters of Dr. Paul who assume that the accusations of his opponents are justified when indeed they are not. I can understand the position taken by the Ron Paul political advisors since they would believe that by pointing out the truth that Dr. Paul had nothing to do with the articles in question the whole issue would go away. Initially Ron Paul defended the articles along the lines I have described but then decided to take a different tack. In my opinion it may have been more effective to maintain that the articles were indeed ant-racist in intent by critiquing group rights and affirmative action and demonstrably fulfilled that purpose.

Most of the people who use the articles to smear Dr. Paul are politically actuated, malevolent and intellectually challenged for the most part. None of them recognise irony as it was used in these articles. Similar articles were appearing in the National Review around the same time and I am pretty sure that one of the writers of these articles wrote the ones in the Ron Paul Political Report targeted by the collectivists. Unless one is habituated to see offence in every sentence written about minorities, as many in the liberal media are, the articles in the Ron Paul Political Report are simply informative and recreate the atmosphere of the times.

The newsletters are in my view very accurate descriptions of events at a particularly difficult time in race relations at the beginning of the 1990's when the economy was in recession and there was ample opportunity for political demagoguing. It was this use of race sensitivities for political gain that the Ron Paul Political Report was criticising and for which he has been attacked relentlessly yet unjustifiably by his enemies in every political campaign since then.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

often defended the content

oh yes that garbage about the newsletters is one of the most tossed around lies that I have spent so much time explaining and it is one that those who ACTUALLY HAVE racist mindsets totally refuse to allow any view other than he is the racist and not they

Someone here did a post, sorry I dont recall which thread, saying that whole fiasco was a Karl Rove whisper campaign and LO it all fell right into place in my mind and I knew arguing it would be ineffective so now when I run into it on threads I just pass on by.

Eventualy we see who can be turned to truth and those who cannot and we just have to leave the ignoramuses where they enjoy sitting.



I appreciate what this article is tryin to say but...

Black this, black that, when in the hell are people going to start seeing themselves as individuals. I find it sad that mankind must identify with a specific group in order to get a point across. I pray for the day that our species understands that the only group we belong to is the human species with individual rights and responsibilities.

many women do the same thing...

It is how the government and the media treats them, singled out and needing special protections because the government demeans these groups and implies that they are incapable of success without handouts and handholding.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin


(in my opinion) black democrats live in that world. They are those who need to put the blinders on and emphasize the individuals within the skin color. It will take someone black, such as Mr. Marcus, to reach out and educate other blacks. They will not listen to anything from a caucasian that deals with the culture of the black community.


You are 100% correct. +1

Thank you Mr. Marcus!

That was a fantastic read! I'm going to share and discuss this with my black friend (I am white) - we have race discussions all the time and I try to persuade her to look at our world from a different perspective. Hopefully, this article will help in my endeavor.

Hopefully, this article will help in my endeavor

Hopefully, this article will help in my endeavor

me too
he makes fine points and is easy to read

a close by neighbor who is black as is his wife and I have had many discussions on neighborhood changes and needs

They are both conservative and dont like rommie
they are finally listening to my repeated begging not to
accept what FOX says and look at the videos

This article will sure be of a help to get them over the
divide and they are long time residents and know plenty of people here mostly white, some Spanish. Russian, Ukranian, Asian and so on but also most are generally GOP conservatives

Every one I can get to let go of this BS "Ron Paul cant win"
is a feather in this Pagans cap.

A Pagan view in by its NATURE conservative yet tolerant
Here there are people who remember family gardens and struggles to feed the kids and find work so where we can we live as close to NATURE as possible.
Mainly successful blacks have that background, a family garden, sharing with neighbors and tolerance.
Glad u enjoyed it and can use it. One person at a time. :)


Har har!

Yet another so called "pagan" with Christian morals. Please stop harping on about how pagan you are in every second post. There is nothing at all ancient about "lets all hold hands; we are the world." Got it?

The ancient pagan world was divided into waring nations (ethnic tribes). Their Gods were ideals personified. I can't think of a single God of "tolerance" for diversity. Run back to Jesus, it's where you belong.