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Prank Call To C-span

This is way too funny to miss..Guy had an excellent set up with the last call. Recorded the day before the New Hampshire primary back in January..


Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine!

And I Love New Hampshire Patriots!!
That's where Dr. Paul won 2nd place in BOTH the Republican AND Democratic primary in January.

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This isn't funny. It's immature and vulgar.

I thought we were better than this. I know that Ron Paul would admonish this type of behavior.

Ignore the media's lies and propaganda.

Not true! I believe Gov. Daniels said Romney had a small penis.

And Daniel's and Pence have been in positions where they would surely know.


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Flat out hilarious. I'm

Flat out hilarious. I'm crying right now.

[To the detractors, I don't see how this has a thing to do with Ron Paul, btw]

Cos Cob, CT

It was things like this that

It was things like this that cost Ron Paul BIG TIME both this year and 4 years ago.

Not funny

I agree Howard... but who knows who made the call and for what purpose.

Charles Lamb, founder of C-Span, created a forum for dialogue that works on the HONOR SYSTEM. It's a blessing to Americans to be able to watch Congress in real time; to watch salient Congressional hearings; to see political and other events from around the country, in real time and free of commentary - what the (biased) news media only cover in sound bytes if at all; and, each morning, to have the opportunity to have questions answered by guests. I have no use for vulgar, immature callers who would abuse the privilege.

The jerk who made the call, who has no honor, could have been a Republican who lacked the intelligence or integrity to be able to participate in open and honest dialogue; or more likely an Obama supporter of the same ilk trying to make the right look bad.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

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How on God's green earth

How on God's green earth could this be attributed to Ron Paul? Some of you folks need a beer.

Cos Cob, CT

The caller identified himself

The caller identified himself as a Republican. IF viewers believed he really was (I don't), it reflects poorly on the party. There would be no link to Ron Paul except by way of this forum topic in which some of his supporters indicated that they enjoyed it; and the vulgarity wouldn't actually be so different from some other topic's comments posted here at the DP, neither which Ron Paul would be amused by. It's not a matter of lightening up. Ron Paul can't win without wide appeal across all age groups, religious affiliations, education levels, and geographic areas. I, for one, am trying to persuade former Santorum supporters to choose Paul over Romney, religious Catholics. Another RP supporter posted an open letter of support by a producer at Daystar, one of the largest Christian tv networks in the world, likely to draw interest to the site among evangelicals. I read a comment of someone who said he's stopped directing people to the DP on account of vulgar comments not removed. This post is garbage and only hurts the cause.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Found you a friend


De criminalize Liberty!

Thanks for the laughs

I really needed that. :)

My only disappointment was that he didn't phrase it

as "Why is Romney such a big penis?" He's a walking phallic phenom of corruption in my opinion.

If you're not having fun with it, you're not doing it right.. (No pun intended)

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Since the DP is a place to air differing opinions,

let me phrase mine this way. That was too stupid to be funny. It had no connection to the situation at hand. It was too non-sequitur and very juvenile.

And I'll phrase mine this way..

If the video didn't make you laugh, you probably don't have any sense of humor whatsoever. And if it did make you laugh, but you still felt the need to comment negatively with the word stupid, then I suggest you go voice your opinion on someone elses thread. I love how you even speak the same language as Romeny..non-sequitor. Your funny. And like it's not juvenile to post a negative comment to someones thread just because another user. Or perhaps this is just another one of the same persons accounts. Who Knows these days. Again, if you didn't like it, move on. I guess go do something that has something to do with the "task at hand", like not posting on my Thread. Funny, you comment as if my post was negative, but you and brian seem to be the only two here offering negativity. Your comment by the way, was a bit non-sequitor itself.

De criminalize Liberty!

And I will phrase it his way.

And I will phrase it his way. I have a sense of humor. The difference between me and you is, my sense of humor kept maturing PAST 5th grade. Yours didn't

Woah there buddy..

I suggest you take a step back and reflect before you approach someone you don't know that way..

De criminalize Liberty!

Sorry, but this is just dumb

Sorry, but this is just dumb and should't even be posted on Daily Paul... You think Dr. Paul would approve of it? I like prank calls as much as the next, but there is a time and a place for it... this isn't it..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Funny, the second I reply to your comment...

the thread goes down again, but your comment goes back up...so, you only have 2, 3 different accounts here?..Figures.

De criminalize Liberty!

Well, first off..

I would suggest not using the word dumb in a comment directed towards me. There's only one other person on this site that I've ever had issues with using that type of language, and the disrespectful are usually disrespected, so don't disrespect me. I posted it. It made me laugh. If it didn't make you laugh, move on...Do you think Dr. Paul would approve of ALOT of posts that are put on the DailyPaul? If you do, you're a joke, and I'm sure since you've had an account for a couple years, you've probably posted a few things that Dr. Paul wouldn't approve of...All due respect, this IS the time AND place for this because everything that comes out of Romneys mouth is a joke. No moderator or Mr. Nystrom, the owner of the DailyPaul has flagged this as inappropriate. Remember, the DailyPaul is PRIVATE property. It appears as though the property owner feels it's okay for me to be on his property, so you could keep comments such as yours to yourself. Respectfully.

De criminalize Liberty!

He didn't say you were dumb.

He(She? forgot to notice) said the prank was dumb. Now, if you want to take issue with being told what you should or shouldn't post here, that's worth some indignation, I guess. I tend to think it reflects badly, but I probably wouldn't have scolded you for it. I would also think that someone who got a good laugh out of the prank would probably have a thicker skin. My little brother and I called each other worse things than "dumb" and we were aiming them directly at each other and not just about something that we were talking about. So far, we're both just fine. I'm sure you will be, too.

Rmoney is hoping

to win by a head.


Thank You!

I cant breathe

LOL ok thank you for that post...the last one was priceless.

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

I heard the guy handing out fake ballots in nevada

said it scared him at first sight when he serviced mittens right before leaving for the caucus.

You can tell it is Romney calling

listen carefully... it is Romney making those calls. He knows he is going to show it to the laker girls.

LOL! Thanks for that one!

Tweeted it.