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Fox: This Man Gave Obama A Run...From Prison. (Media? My God, What Media? All I See Are Jokes.)

Check out this article. They cover a man running for president from PRISON!!!! We know there is a blackout...but...REALLY? It's almost funny. Even funnier that Rupert Murdoch gave Ron Paul positive comments on his twitter...Why don't we ask him why he doesn't hold his news corporations to ANY standard if he likes Paul so much...He's a big advocate for Israel and so on. Sorry, just a little Murdoch rage. Ugh, these people make me sick.



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A symptom of the disease

The disease of greed and corruption that has taken over our nations government. Much like the GOP, the Feds have created rules and regulations that make it nearly impossible for the people to feel like we have any power in our own system. The message of Ron Paul is the only path we have to restore our nation. Run throught the streets, ring the bell, proclaim liberty from the rooftop and most important, pray that we prevail because the alternative is not acceptable then go out and vote Ron Paul


Opposition to Tyranny is Obedience to God!

of course! lol. This soldier

of course! lol. This soldier stands with you.