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Ron Paul: I Don’t Want to Disrupt the GOP Convention

As Rep. Ron Paul continues to rack up delegates in places like Nevada and Maine, many are starting to wonder what it is the Texas congressman is up to and whether he’s trying to throw a wrench into the Republican National Convention later this year.

Asked why he has not dropped out of the race on CNN’s Newsroom on Wednesday, Paul said: “It certainly isn't for the reason of disrupting a convention,” adding “That is not in my plan. That is against my plan. I don't like that even being a suggestion.”


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Ron Paul wants to win the

Ron Paul wants to win the nomination.

Does anyone seriously believe that the republicans will actually carry out Ron Paul's policies and ideas? Influencing the party platform? Who is going to hold the republicans to their word? No one is.

All this talk of influencing the platform or having a say in the party is meaningless. If the establishment politicians haven't changed for the past 30 years, what makes anyone believe that they will change just because RP told them too.

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The man is truly the definition of a "class act"

Thanks for posting the article.