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ALL Ron Paul events cancelled! ?

The calendar is now EMPTY!!!

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Dr Paul has a nationally, & internationally, important job to do

in Washington and has to plan any campaigning within that framework. The last time I checked that site there was only one event scheduled and that tea party event has now passed. Dr Paul's work on his finance committee has to take priority this week. The world financial crisis is for real and the Fed is at the very center of it. He chose a great campaign team to organize that and I am sure he will tell him when he is available for events.

In an early primary some were trying to belittle Dr Paul for taking a few days off the campaign trail, implying his age was to blame. When an interviewer asked him about it he simply said something like "I am trying to stop a war" (presumably Iran at the time).

People will vote for Dr Paul because he can deal with matters of such importance and understands them better than any president in living memory. He deals with reality and has the immense courage to do so. Remember he is also on a foreign affairs committee.

Trust Dr Paul, he knows precisely what he is doing, has to do and when. After all he is already able to perform as a great president should. To me he is the Presumptive President Paul running against a presumptive nominee with no experience of dealing with the same issues Dr Paul is now dealing with. Dr Paul puts country before personal power, and you are now seeing that in practice. He does not get sucked in by propaganda, nor should we.

The secret is out. What Dr Paul will be doing in 2021 after his second term as president:


There's an event on May 18th:

May 18, 2012
Minnesota State GOP Convention
Ron Paul will speak at the Minnesota State GOP Convention at St Cloud Rivers Edge Convention Center, 10 4th Ave. South, St. Cloud, MN on Friday, May 18th.

Could someone verify that

Could someone verify that there was something on the calendar that was taken off? I have seen a blank calendar many times throughout the campaign... They are using limited money to line up different events across many states. You want a plan that is set months in advance, lets drop an extra 10million a month. Otherwise events are usually planned on the fly with little notice.

is that

is that why Doug wead was asking to email him? to verify that they do in fact have enough delegates to win??

He cancelled everything! Big

He cancelled everything! Big news coming tonight! Sarah Palin endorses Ron Paul and they go on a nationwide Tea Party tour as Paul announces he has the delegates needed to win!

Now that would be good news!

The only reason I voted for McCain was for Palin. Her endorsement would really help (even though we are thoroughly going to rout Romney in delegates), she's a feisty one and she has a ton of followers (Tea Party).

Go Ron Paul 2012!!!

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Please delete

In addition to being erroneous, your post isn't helping un-brainwash those who've been led to believe that Dr. Paul dropped out in January. Please delete before Google sees it.


I might be mistaken

I mostly see it the same as Kathleen Gee...but I don't care about cancelling the post or anything.

I don't think there were scheduled events to cancel..after the latest Austin gig anyway, it seems they have been announcing all events very close to the actual day so I haven't been reading anything into this latest "silence".

It takes some days to arrange events in various states for the next big swing.

Time will tell; I figure it's a campaign decision and everyone will know what's up in due course.

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RP speaking at the MN convention 5/18

Not on the calendar yet :)

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

Interesting enough...

But all throughout the campaign, even since last Summer, the event calendar is usually only been updated a few weeks in advance of any event.

I tried for months to get Dr. Paul to an event in NYC last November and the campaign staff explained that they pencil events in and confirm when they get closer (within a few weeks) to the event date.

Thus, I've looked at the calendar a lot.

Only an observation. I love Dr. Paul so much.

Probably nothing too much to read into here with your post.



Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" -

He's Doing Congressional Financial Business Right Now !



how can you jump to the conclusion...

...that anything was cancelled? There havd't been any subsequent events on the schedule following the California and Texas appearances last week. That doesn't mean there won't be any new events, or that anything had been cancelled. (How can you cancel something that hadn't been scheduled?)

There have been way too many squirrelly posts over the last few days at DP. Everybody needs to chill out and have some FAITH that Dr. Paul is in this to the end and he knows what he's doing.

I can only speculate

that the calender was cleared to keep the GOP guessing as to what Ron's gonna do next. Kinda hard to stay a step ahead of your enemy if you don't know what he's doing. If that's the case, I say "Brilliant! Well played, Dr. Paul." Again, only speculating here.

Considering Recent Events

Consider that the campaign has asked for donations and has fallen short due to economic/personal finance conditions.

This may be one reason there are no more scheduled appearances. Ron Paul would never go into debt and leave the mess for others.

This may also be what Wead may discuss tonight.

I do not know, this is pure conjecture.

We have a LOT of work to do. Remember what this movement is all about. Whatever happens, we MUST continue the r3VOLution.

Exciting things have happened recently, but so have disappointments. Ron Paul has tried to teach us individualism and libertarian ways of life. Whatever that entails for you personally, or whatever happens this election, we must never lose sight of that. One thing is for sure - we are taking back our government from the local level on up. We are prevailing and must continue to do so.

Honesty, Integrity and Self-Empowerment.

WE are the r3VOLution !

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Dr. Paul spoke at the Nevada

Dr. Paul spoke at the Nevada State Convention and now has scheduled to speak at the Minnesota State Convention. His College Campus speaking has been very successful and he has recruited over 100,000 student members for Youth for Ron Paul. I think this movement is now self-sustaining and he has opportunity for a new strategy. He has already visited several campuses at Texas and California. He had more interviews last night and today than usual so perhaps a better strategy has been devised.

Jedi Mind Tricks


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Something stinks in the state of Denmark

I got a call from somebody identifying themselves as a member of the campaign a couple days ago who put me through to a recorded message from Ron Paul. In it he was congratulating us on our hard won victories in Maine and Nevada and pointing out our successes (great and fine) then he stated he needed to raise 650.000 dollars within the next two weeks for "the campaign to continue"; not great and fine at all.

I don't see how anybody can view these event cancellations as positive. The media has made multiple threats against Rand Paul's political career, and Ron Paul knows that he doesn't control our votes, so maybe quitting is the only way to save Rand Paul's career within the party?

Trust me. If Ron Paul quits on us, Rand Paul's political career is over. The public may believe that quitting was his only option, but those of us winning over and over again know better.

Sometimes I wonder just how much money Ron Paul has actually gotten from us, because the narrative seems to be he's running out. Youtube shut down his account page RonPau2008dotcom, and not a peep from the campaign. The last video from Ron Paul's "official page" is running against Gingrich and Santorum. Meanwhile the grass roots supporters keep getting victory after victory while taking over conventions and filling stadium. The two narratives don't match up.

"The Teaparty raises 12 million no sweat, but we're supposed to believe Ron Paul is in danger if he can't raise 650,000. Something stinks if the state of Denmark.

Why are there no new money bombs?

I don't see why after Ron Paul has finally begun to rack up some delegates, that he would then decide to fold up the towel and quit ... over what? money?

Why are there no new money bombs?

Money has never been a problem before, and Ron Paul himself is very wealthy.

Don't think for a moment that this movement is going to go anywhere without somelike like Ron Paul articulating the complex arguments and principles in the way that he does, and having the impeccable track record that he does.

This is all doomed if Ron Paul quits


Http:// get on it! It has been planned already ;-)

Dutch Ron Paul blog: | Paul Campaign Google Maps: share the victories with your Friends!

May 17th

I agree, I can't see him quitting now after coming this far and actually seeing the results of the delegate strategy. And the next Money Bomb is in 7 days... - Liberty shirts and Ron Paul shirts to spread the message

And It Ain't Us's YOU! LOL!
Go back to Mitt Central Pal!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

You think I'm a Mitt Romney

You think I'm a Mitt Romney supporter? Are you fucking stupid?


I don't think your a Romney supporter but if his campaign gets wind of this he'll use it against us.... and DOUG WEAD is speaking tonight at 9:00

Why don't you sit there at

Why don't you sit there at the comfort of your computer and tell RP what to do and that Rand is finished. Really? You stink.

/yawn So sensitive. What's


So sensitive. What's wrong? I thought you liked the truth? Did you not get the call from the campaign saying we need 650,000 dollars to continue? Did you not notice Youtube taking down our established political page while guys like you called it a "fan page"?

Do you think I'm just a Ron Paul "fan" who's going to sit here in front of my computer while chuckle heads insult me? I can do a lot from in front of this computer by the way. Are you suggesting that what we've done on the internet was a waste of time? Just what is it you want to say, because Ron Paul isn't saying anything about it atm and it's PISSING ME OFF!

You think I'm going to go run to support Rand Paul if Ron Paul quits? Just who's telling who what to do?

3 Hour Troll

You gave yourself away when you stated:
"I thought you liked the truth"....shoulda said "we".
You're not one of "us"...never will be, until you're educated.
You're lucky this isn't the French Revolution. LOL!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

"I gave myself away.." What

"I gave myself away.." What a joke.

in 3....2....1....Banned!

Good bye!

You want to ban me? Watch

You want to ban me? Watch what happens.

Heavily involved activist has answer why...

... the events may have been cancelled.

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