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Good News MN Delegates!

Ron Paul will be speaking at the Minnesota GOP State Convention!!


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Will be there to hear his epic Speech.... Go MN Delegates

and lets get Kurt Bills endorsed!

Wish I could be there to meet you Northstar!

But this granny has to go to Michigan for the birth of another granddaughter. Good luck at the convention and, yes, by all means, get Kurt Bills endorsed! Hang tough!

Minnesota Mary

Hi... Glad to hear that news, but sad you wont be making

the trip to St. Cloud... I hope your 1st alt is a RP supporter!

I didn't run for State delegate because...

I knew the convention would be at the same time as the arrival of the baby. Ron Paul has the lion's share of delegates from my county anyway. Go Ron Go!

Minnesota Mary

You should have gone!

If your baby arrived at the convention, Dr. Paul could have delivered it! You missed a GREAT opportunity!!!!!!!!!!

Can you imagine the headlines?

I think someone should plan to have a baby at one of these conventions so Dr. Paul can d'lvr it. The press would be fantastic!!!

Coming to claim his victory!

Coming to claim his victory!




wonder if Romney is disqualified because of the swiss legal issue

AND is THIS the announcement DW was going to make??????

[don't know how to start a thread]


i think

they mean that he is the last one standing in competition with romney.


a link on this?

Some see things as they are and say why,but i dream things that never were and say why not. Robert F. Kennedy

No link walkman

I'm older and not computer literate. It was on FOX. Didn't look at the time but about half an hour ago now.
Do you know how to check it out and link it?
I may be in my 70's but not deaf.
He clearly said Ron Paul was the last Republican left standing in the race. Listen tonight for the story.
I put this on 3 links and the nasty comments I got are really taking away my excitment.


I checked the FOX website

Found nothing.This whole thing is driving me nuts.why don't they just tell us whats going on?

Some see things as they are and say why,but i dream things that never were and say why not. Robert F. Kennedy

I'm the only one who heard it????

I usually don't watch Fox but it was the guy with a frog in his throat [sounds like], just switched to Fox Business, that guy is on now. Isn't Ron suposed to be on Fox tonight?
Would he be so stupid as to say Ron was the last republican in the race if meaning he was the last one against Romney as being BIG news? DUH.......


Don't feel bad Mr. Deekey

Can you just imagine if what you say is true! It's beyond our wildest dreams, so I hope you can understand why no one can believe it is true. I can only pray you heard right.


I was so excited it took me 10 min. to be able to type!

Ok......if I'm right [and think I am] YOU ALL owe me a shot!!!
[geritol that is] grin

By the way, I'm not Mr, DEEKEY, I'm a widow, Ms. DEEKEY [laughing]

I'm soooooo happy........this is it, I know it!!!


I stand corrected

Thank you Ms. Deekey.

Thanks to all the delegates!

Thanks to all the delegates! ! !

To all you delegates

I just want to say thank you!!!!!!! You are the ones making it happen and please know there are so many of us who appreciate what you are doing!!!!! Keep up the good work! One never knows for sure what the future will bring.

Lets get another LIVE EPIC

Lets get another LIVE EPIC ustream of the entire convention!


To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

We had some very talented

videographers filming my CD-2 event. I would assume they will be recording the state convention as well. I don't know if they will be live streaming it.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

Agreed. The Maine ustream

Agreed. The Maine ustream was epic. I have to admit, I got something stuck in my eye and it started watering a bit, when Brent Tweed won. I've rewatched is several times. Ustream is our media. The revolution will be ustreamed (hopefully).

Heck Yes!!!

I can't wait to finally see him in person! With the majority of our delegates supporting Ron Paul, it should be a good show!


I will be there as an alternate representing him from SD52 and CD2! Should prove to be very interesting whether I am seated or not. :)

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero


I will be there and voting for LIBERTY.